White Pants, Three Ways

My parents are counting the days until their European adventure, and I could not be more jealous!  They are taking a river cruise up the Danube, starting in Budapest, making their way through Austria, Vienna, and ending in Paris – city of amour (actually, it’s the city of lights, but “amour” sounds better).

Of everyone in our family, my mom is the best packer – she packs light, and makes clothing staples work for multiple outfits.  My sister and I take after our father – the ultimate overpacker – but in my defense, I just like having options!

Keeping my mom’s “packing light” mantra in mind, I decided to put together three vacation outfits, based on a cute pair of white cropped trousers she just bought!  They are lightweight which is perfect for hot weather, and nothing says “vacation” like white.

– — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – –

Boat Lounging:
The weather will be warm (REALLY warm in Budapest and Hungary), but I imagine that it will cool off at night –  especially as they get further north.  Since the boat my parents will be touring on will be relatively small, the nights will likely be spent in conversation over dinner, lounging on the deck with a glass of wine, and watching the twinkling lights of the small towns pass by.  Layers will be perfect, with a cute sleeveless top for the warmer evenings, and a denim jacket and patterned scarf for cooler weather.  During the day, some oversize Jackie O sunglasses will be a must, along with some comfy flat sandals.

             Europe I

Dinner Out
Same pants different look – a white silk blouse with a v-neck and a pretty, drapey bow at the neckline take these pants from casual to dressy.  I am a huge fan of the ‘white on white look’ – always have been, since I was a little girl – but accessories like a bright bag and coral lipstick bring color to the look.  Dainty gold hoops, and low espadrilles are simple and classic, and who doesn’t love a navy blazer with pin-stripe detailing on the cuffs??

                         Europe II

Tall shirt / NW3 cotton jacket, $200 / Givenchy cropped pants / Cole Haan wedge / Radley crossbody handbag, $97 / Carolee LUX gold filled jewelry / Gee Beauty bright lipstick, $27

Serious SightSeeing
This trip isn’t just about lounging on a yacht, sipping white wine and taking in the sites – they will also be doing a LOT of walking through the cities, towns and villages along the way.  In addition to these pants, my mom also bought an adorable pair of puma flats – they give the support of a running shoe, but the look of a cute ballet flat. A sleeveless striped top will be cool on warmer days, but a neutral oatmeal colored sweater will be nice for unpredictable weather.  My mom has dark curly hair, so for the humid warm weather a pretty scarf will be nice – once the curls get out of control, she is going to need something to tame them.  Rolling the scarf and tying it as a headband will be practical and pretty.

          Europe III

rag & bone long sleeve silk shirt / Striped shirt / Givenchy cropped capri pants / Puma ballet shoes / Ralph Lauren Collection leather shoulder bag / Vintage scarve / Lancôme bright makeup

2 thoughts on “White Pants, Three Ways

  1. Well, I hadn't planned to take my silk-linen blend wheat pullover which is similar to the top in the last group of pics but just pulled it out after seeing your pics! xo Mama


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