Bookshelf Revamp

Using the pictures below, can you guess what is happening at our house this weekend??  The bookshelf in our dining room is getting a bit of a face-lift!  Ever since I saw the number Emily A Clark (my new design crush) did on her office bookshelves, I keep noticing dark backings on bookshelves everywhere, and I want some of my own!

bookshelf display for office nook
I looooove the color on these two bookshelves (above and below) – the paint is an inky blue, which is so rich and pretty.  My fear with mirroring this type of color is that it won’t “go” with the existing colors in the dining room.  The room is currently painted a light powdery aqua, I don’t feel like the almost navy would compliment it… maybe I’m totally wrong?

Luxe and Lilies

These next two bookshelves are a bit closer to the color I’m going for – its a dark grey – a true grey, so it will make the back of the bookshelves quite dark.  A good contrast against the books we’ve got in there, however I’m realizing that while we’ve got quite a few books, they aren’t ideal for staging a bookshelf.  There are no cute bindings, and not a ton of variation in color.

I’m also realizing that our bookshelf is quite a bit more functional than any of these here (coral overload in the photo below).  Ours will still have to be functional – living in a small apartment, we need somewhere to store our books, so this bookshelf can’t just be a vehicle to store cool stuff (For example… that egg below on a pedestal… A mini globe… Tortoise shells… A scull…)

Worst case scenario?? I just wasted $15 bucks on paint.  No big loss 🙂

Wish me luck!
def my style
Little Green Notebook

Emily A. Clark

Emily A. Clark

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