I’ve got Throw Pillows on the mind… Again


If you weren’t sick of hearing my talk about throw pillows, then you definitely will be now!  Yep… we’re back on the topic.  AGAIN!  I’ll be brief, but I can’t promise this will be the last time you see me agonize over them…

Quite awhile ago, Emily Clark posted photo’s of her friend’s living room, and after stumbling upon this post, I thought, hmm… that rug is pretty much the same as the rug we have in our living room… and yet… even with all those crazy colors and patterns on the pillows, it looks just right.

And, that’s when it hit me… I’ve been going about it all wrong!  I’ve been looking at patterns that are too big and mirror the pattern in our rug.  I need to look for smaller, scaled back versions of that pattern, and invert the colors of our rug to avoid feeling like the pillows are competing.  Duh.  Why I had such a hard time with that, I have no idea.  What I do know, is that come this weekend, I’ll be hunting down a small grey and white patterned fabric (similar to the two outermost pillows above) to compliment, our lovely trellis rug.


Also, not sure if you noticed, but she’s also got the Chiang Mai Dragon Print throw pillows (in china blue).  I’m still holding out for Mocha, but they look pretty fabulous, no?  Perhaps that will be my Autumn splurge once October rolls around….

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