Fall Wishlist

I know I am not the only gal with a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear.  Shopping really can become an addiction since everyone loves new pretty things, but after doing a big “fall” shopping spree earlier this summer, I am trying to pare down the rest of my wishlist to impactful items that will be as practical as they are pretty.
I have so many blouses, and sweaters, skinny jeans, and high heels.  What I NEED are the statement pieces to mix in that will make a… statement (for lack of better words).
First up on my list is a Fur Trimmed Coat:

It doesn’t have to be real fur – faux fur is fine by me, but I think that there is something really lovely about a fluffy soft fur trim.  Obviously this fur trimmed number is quite a bit out of my price range (dang you Burberry), but isn’t it fabulous with the leather sleeve detail and the belted waist?  Makes me wish it were January already (and that I had a disposable income).
These ones are also really cute!


Also on my wish list is a sweater or top with an embellished collar
Jcrew hits the nail on the head with this pretty herringbone sweater with jeweled collar.  I can imagine this gussied up with a short full pleated skirt, or even with cropped slacks for work.  Another more versatile option are the collar necklaces I’ve been seeing ALL OVER the place.  Literally, once Forever21 gets a hold of a trend, you know it’s mainstream.
Karl Amber crystal and bead-embellished cotton collar Silver Metallic Peter Pan Collar
The collar on the left from net-a-porter isn’t exactly inexpensive, but would give a really similar effect as the beaded Jcrew collar, however the collar necklace on the right  is a steal at just $12 – I just LOVE a good deal!
Chevron is all the rage, and after making a permanent home in my home (via a few really awesome throw pillows, storage bins, and a blanket) I’m sort of dying for some chevron in my wardrobe.
A few of my favorite looks I’ve seen are this dress from shop sosie… don’t you just LOVE the back on it?  So adorable for a dressy date night!
I also adore this embellished top (chevron and sequins?? perfection) along with this chiffon dress.  Unfortunately, neither of these photos have sources (dang you Pinterest), so if you come across their origin let me know!
I’ve been talking about Peplum since last year, but haven’t found one that fits my long torso yet – I saw a great one from H&M recently that reminds me a lot of this one, but need to get into a store to try it on!  I like that it’s edgy and ladylike with the pencil skirt – I’m not entirely sure I can pull this look off, but I’m sure going to try!
Finally, I like to invest in one quality cozy sweater per year (last year it was a lavender cowl neck that felt like a warm hug) – this year I am thinking about a cape version of the chunky sweater.  I have a few capes that I wear to death, and so I’m on the hunt for an equally awesome one in a warm knit.
I’m sure that as the months pass there will be more wishes on this wish list, but these are the one’s I just can’t seem to stop thinking about!!

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