Fall is Here!!

Photo via Pottery Barn (where else?)
I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden this morning, something in me switched, and it’s fall.  Going by technicality, it’s still summer until September 22, but to me, it’s fall now so I am bound and determined to go home tonight, and get out some of my “fall” decor to replace some of the more summery things.
What will I be switching out??
1. The Wreath on the Front Door
Right now, we have a really pretty summer wreath out, but I am itching to take it down and replace it with something autumnal.  What I will hang up in its place is still a mystery to me, but I think a quick trip to Target, may fix that.
I can think of nothing worse than some fake leaves glue gunned onto a circular frame, so I am using these pictures as inspiration.  I am looking for berries, twisted brambles and maybe a few dried flowers.
2. Candles
I love having candles in the house – they look so pretty at night – and make the room all cozy with the lights off.  I normally keep cream colored candles around, but for fall and winter, I have some fabulous candles wrapped in birch bark.  They are obviously more decorative than they are funcional – I really try to keep the burning of them to a minimum since I have had a hard time finding more of them.  I originally got them from World Market, but I know Pottery Barn carried some for a while.  Aren’t they pretty?
3. Apples and Pumpkins and Gourds… oh my!
Fall is synonymous with the harvest, drinking apple cider, carving pumpkins for Halloween, and roasting squash for dinner. The market always has really pretty colored gourds and pumpkins at this time of year, and I love rounding them up in a big basket or bowl for decor.  Don’t you just love the wierd shapes and bumps of the gourds?  Kind of reminds me of a witch’s face
I am LOVING this arrangement with the white pumpkin – it’s less “loud” and in your face than some of the other arrangements I’ve seen…  Hopefully Whole Foods has a variety today…
As we get further into fall, there will of course be additions to the fall decor, but these are a few of the easy ones, that I can’t wait to get to after work!!

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