Fall Decor Updates

Last night I hit up World Market after work, to pick up a few things to update our home for fall.  Target is a bit of a trek from San Francisco – there is a new one that opened downtown but it is so crowded, I need a Xanax before I take that on!

Anyway, my problem with World Market is limiting my purchases because things can get out of hand quickly in there!

My favorite things??  This awesome little white pumpkin dish – right now it’s empty, but I plan on getting some candy corn in there ASAP.  I happen to love me some candy corn, and eat it by the handfuls every Halloween.

I also love the new pumpkin spice potpuri I got (don’t you love the autumnal colors) and my little owl candle!  He is the cutest little thing… I couldn’t resist!

I also hit up Trader Joes on the way home, and got some fresh flowers and fresh produce.  I think both are very harvest-y… right??  

Kris came home and was VERY excited for the artichokes (one of his favorite things), and seeing those sunflowers this morning before work just made me smile.  The house smells like pumpkin pie, and I’m heading home for a little candy corn feast tonight. It’s the little things that make me really happy sometimes…

2 thoughts on “Fall Decor Updates

  1. I know KT! In San Francisco it's easy to dismiss summer all too quickly… I'm heading out of the city this weekend for some warm weather, so maybe I'll be back in the “summer” state of mind when I get back 🙂

    Thanks for reading!


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