DIY Mirror

This mirror is adorable, right?!! It looks like it could have come from Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn, but believe it or not, it’s a DIY project that cost less than $15!  Unbelievable!
I stumbled across this DIY on Pinterest, and after clicking through, discovered the most adorable blog, Shanty 2 Chic – a blog all about putting in some extra time to turn inexpensive pieces into something amazing.  I love that for a little elbow grease, you can save big bucks, and walk away with something fabulous.  My personal opinion?? This mirror looks WAY more expensive than it is!
In my early 20’s I didn’t know a lot about the power of a little DIY – how I wish sites like Pinterest existed back then!!  Unfortunately, they didn’t, so being totally naive, I bought stuff to merely fill the space we lived in.  The goal was to avoid spending a lot of money and come away with something that looked nice enough. This meant that a lot of my stuff was scored on Craigslist (I was literally the queen of Craigslist for a while) and Ikea.  While I am still absolutely in love with some of my Craigslist finds (antique dining room table and chairs for $50!!), I am growing tired of the shoddy quality and generic feel of a lot of my purchases.  
The coffee table and side tables in our living room came as a set, and when I originally purchased them at 23 years old, I thought nothing was more elegant and classy than matching furniture sets.  WOOF.  Live and learn I guess…
I am slowly in the process of trying to replace a lot of the black clunky furniture with pieces in varying materials – metal, glass, naturally stained wood… the list goes on.  I’ve even busted out some spray paint to make some quick fixes to some of our inexpensive pieces… I literally reached a breaking point with the all black furniture everywhere.  
While the coffee table and side tables in the living room are there to stay – at least for now… or until they finally give out – there is a matching black framed mirror hanging on the wall that is begging for a makeover. 
I think this DIY might be in my very near future…
For the full tutorial, check it out at Shanty 2 Chic! Trust me when I say that you will end up losing a solid hour of your work day browsing through all their amazing ideas.  The two sisters that write this blog seem so normal, and relatable, and crafty!  Makes me want to call my sister right now!! 

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