Black Rimmed Glasses

My eyesight has been pretty much perfect my entire life, but living working in an office, and staring at a computer screen all day has taken it’s toll, and I am beginning to think that I may need glasses.

I started coming to this conclusion when it became hard to read street signs from halfway down the block.  I chalked it up to a glare on the sign.  Most recently, the problem is with seeing things at night, and I notice that all the lights are much more twinkly than I remember – while extra twinkly lights are very pretty, it does not make for a good situation when I’m the chosen driver at night.  The conclusion?? My eyes are getting old.  Sad Face.

While this has been one of the first signs that I’m not the youngest spring chicken in the coop anymore, (well this, and the fact that I pulled my back out for the first time this year) the realization that I need glasses is particularly not good news since I hate the idea of wearing glasses.  Unfortunately for me, I hate the idea of putting my finger in my eye more.  Sooo… glasses it is!

Since my theory that my eyesight will revert to its 20/20 status if I wait long enough isn’t working out in my favor, I’ve been giving some thought to what type of glasses I might like.  Who knew there were so many options out there!!  Should I go frameless (to avoid distracting people from your face too much)?  Wire frame?  Round?  Square? Tapered? Narrow? Tortoise? Patterned?  There are a lot of options, and it seems that everyone has an opinion.


While I’m not totally sure what I DO want, I know what I DON’T want.  I don’t want to look like an old lady (most importantly) and I don’t want want to be constantly aware that I am wearing glasses.  One of the things that annoys me the most about glasses is when you wear small frames, and can see the edge of the frame in your periphery.  That will not work.  This is why I’m thinking of jumping on the larger frame bandwagon.

Thick rimmed glasses are EVERYWHERE, and with a larger lens, they are not only functional, but I actually think they are are cute!  Am I just buying into the hype?

I mean this girl looks pretty happy in them…

And Scarlet Johanson thinks they are pretty cool too…

A few girls on my team at work (who are all 22 by the way) keep telling me that thick frames are “totally in”.  I believe one of them said, (and I quote), “I even have a fake pair that I wear on days that I want to look smart.”  Oh sweetie… add that to the list of things to not say to your boss.  I am judging you.

22 year olds aside, I think I might try on a few pairs to form my own opinion.  My mom had a large pair of glasses when we were little, and as all fashion statements do, they went out of style and have boomeranged back again.  I should probably invest in these now, so I can become the cool mom and swap them out in 15 years when my kids notify me that I am “SOOO 2012.”

More updates on the glasses situation to come…

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