Urban Dream

I recently discovered Urban Dream’s Photography on Etsy, and since I’ve been toying with the idea of a gallery wall in our living room, I’m looking for some new art…

Here are a few “befores” that we can base all the “afters” on….

This one was taken a few days ago when the morning sun was really bright and happy – I love that our living room has a full wall of windows that make the room so bright before I even head out for work!

 This one was taken last winter – obviously the decor has changed a bit with the addition of my new throw pillows and a new rug

As you can see, this wall is blah – totally uninspired.  The “artwork” is from Ikea (shocking), and aside from being boring, there are some other real problems with this wall.  For one thing, the frames are crooked – just slightly, but it’s enough to drive me CRAZY.  The frames were also hung too high for the couch, but after 30 holes in the wall, I was not about to hammer in 30 more to move these bad boys down.  Finally… one of the frames doesn’t have any glass! It shattered during our move, and you can definitely tell in this picture.  The one on the left doesn’t have a reflection because of the missing glass.  Not that it stopped me from still hanging it on the wall.  Ha!

To say that this wall needs a face-lift is an understatement.

So this brings me back to my original topic of Urban Dream.  Their photography is dreamy, and they have a whole San Francisco collection.  A few of my favorites??

Is there anything more synonymous with San Francisco than the bell of the trolley?? I think not – my first apartment in the city was a block down from a main trolley line, and you could hear them in the night when you were cozy in bed – I loved that sound… the sound of living in a city.

 This photo, using a Bokeh technique is so pretty – the Ferry Building at dusk.  I want this one for sure – with the deep blues, I think it will look really nice in the living room with our blue/grey rug.

 Sailboats will forever remind me of my father, and this picture at sunset just makes me smile.  I believe it’s taken at the Marina Green – one of the best views in the city.

An unpainted version of the painted ladies – speaking of, Full House was on TV the other night.  THAT was a throwback to my childhood!!  I love the high contrast setting in this picture – really REALLY cool.

Kris will have some appreciation of this picture, although I’m sure he’ll insist that I frame on of him surfing instead… I’m sure that can be arranged, but I just love the dramatic craggy rocks, and the foamy waves.Would it be weird to have a gallery wall based entirely around San Francisco, or is that awesome?  Obviously I’ll need to incorporate a few other pieces in, but I am leaning heavily toward the trolley, and the Ferry Building here.  And the sailboat…. heck I love them all!Check out the rest of Urban Dream’s collections here!

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