Epiphany: Fabric as Art!

So yesterday, while browsing fabrics, I kept seeing so many that I loved.  Unfortunately for me, so many of them would have been visual overload in our small apartment, but I kept coming back to this one again and again (isn’t he cute??)

Finally it came to me – while this bird was never meant to be on the curtains I was making, he was still meant to be in my house.  As what, you ask?  As a pretty piece of art, singing on the wall!
I did a little investigation, and discovered that others also had this brilliant idea already, turning textiles into art.  I am apparently late to this party…  I love this example from Elle Decor, where this Ikat print breathed life into what could have been a rather ho hum office.
Here, another office, posted on Apartment Therapy, where they used the same fabric in four different colors, with a matte behind the desk.  I love that these give the feel of screened windows, and tone down the very green walls.
This room has different patterns and different colors simply matted in black frames – easy, inexpensive, and impactful.  I love it.

Finally, framed fabric featured in a hallway.  Pretty pretty – I don’t think I’ll be framing anything this large in our small space, but I’m encouraged seeing how awesome it can look in other spaces.

I’ve revamped my original design board, to include a few changes – including my mocked up birdie.
While the original inspiration board (featured here) was fine, it lacked energy and interest (I’m the first to admit it).  The white roman shades were blah, and the room was boring.  It was was all blue, white, and brown – so one dimensional.  I think the citron printed fabric (the Secret Gate pattern is the winner for me) will make a lively addition as a roman shade in this space, and my dear little mockingbird (or is it a nightingale?) will tie everything together in a big bird-like bow.
I am starting to think that my mockingbird/nightingale might need a partner in crime up there on the wall, so I’ve started looking at other fabrics that he might pair well.  With the trellis rug and the citron patterned shades, I think we’ve got enough graphic patterns going on, so I’m thinking something more “picture-like.”  Here are the options I’m debating…
OPTION I: Bird with the Working girls
That description came out all wrong…   These girls are working… not as hookers!  Get your minds out of the gutter!  I’m even thinking that with a grey print, a light wash of color from some watercolor paints might be neat.  Am I being optimistic with my artistic capabilities?? Perhaps… I may just go ahead and try it…
OPTION II: Bird with the Turbaned Turks

I swear I can’t make this stuff up!  This fabric is actually called Turkish Toile!  I love it, but is this too much yellow?  Is the yellow here too different from the citron color in the shades?  I do like that the guys in ths print are sitting around drinking and probably gossiping about their mistresses.  I’m going to keep this one in the running…

OPTION III: Bird with the Garden Toile
I think this print is really pretty, but my biggest concern here is the border.  I love the blue border because it ties in really well with my sweet bird, but what if the toile print is so big that the border is cut off by the frame!  There is nothing that gets my goat more than something non-symmetrical, so if it can’t be perfectly centered, I don’t want it at all.  I think this one, as sweet as it is, has to go.  It’s not worth the $20 per yard to test it out.

OPTION IV: Bird with the Turbaned Turks (part II)
I just keep coming back to these Turkish dudes, right??  This one is different though I swear!  Difference #1: This print is black and white – no yellow anywhere to be found.  Difference #2: These Turks are at the same little hut, but in a different climate.  Take a close look – they’ve got palm trees here, so they must be somewhere tropical.  In the other print, it’s pine trees encircling them… so they are likely in the mountains somewhere.  Gosh, the more I think about it, the more I like these Turks.  I’m feeling like we are already becoming closer friends than I am with the mockingbird.

Ok, enough crazy talk… must make some decisions!!

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