Dorothy Draper on the Brain

I had posted about my love of Dorothy Draper furniture a few weeks ago, and I’ve still got it on the brain.  Not to over-obsess, but these bad boy’s made it into the Vogue offices in the Sex and the City movie… so you know it’s legit.

Anyway, I’d mentioned that we need a taller piece for our TV in the bedroom – right now the TV is on a lower TV stand, which is a problem because you can’t see the TV when you are laying back in bed.  We literally have to be sitting straight up in bed to see the screen, which really defeats the whole purpose of watching TV in bed – right?!

Anyway, I am in the process of working out the exact specs I want the dresser to have in our bedroom, but I absolutely love the longer look of the cabinets here.

I saw a similar Ikea hack to the one I posted earlier this month.   Naomi, of Design Manifest, actually turned two Rast nightstands into a TV console.  You can see in this picture, that she added an extra shelf on top to house the cable box, and create a completely flat surface for the TV above.  Awesome right??  My hesitation is that I’m crafty enough to build an additional shelving unit, and I worry that I’d end up after this project with an unstable surface that we’d have to balance the TV on…


See in this second picture how the sides are not completely flush with the top?? I do like the idea of having a space for the cable box, but it’s starting to sound like too much work for me.  The other work-around to making both pieces flush would be to sand everything down… Am I way overthinking this??

Maybe I should keep looking on Craigslist….

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