It’s 5:00 Somewhere… In a Classy way (of course)

I’ve found myself fantasizing about a vintage bar cart recently, and it has moved from the “want to have” list to the “need to have” list.  Kris just loves that 🙂
Not only are they so pretty with their glass tops and metal side details, but they are also “visually light”.  They don’t visually take up a lot of space, since the glass and metal frame are open.

Ballard Designs

I have even found the perfect spot for one (under a large mirror, next to our TV).

Bear with me, but this lovely picture of ooey gooey breakfast treats is the the only picture I could find that demonstrates where this bar cart would go… mmm, now I want chocolate crescent rolls!

Unfortunately, I’ve also found that these bad boys run up a pretty decent price tag…
I did a quick search on Google, along with Craigslist and Ebay – on the low end of the spectrum, I found the Jill Bar Cart at Ballard Designs for $349, but some of the actual vintage pieces on Craislist ran well into the thousands – yes THOUSANDS.  Holy macaroni!  I think I’ll go for a vintage knockoff, thankyouverymuch.
I absolutely love the bar carts with curved lines.  This one here with the handles and shiny chrome is amazing against the dark wallpaper, and who can resist the imperial trellis print?!  I know I cant!


This brass cart is pretty much a spitting image of the chrome one above… must be why I’m really into it too.  The cut crystal decanters are so pretty on top.  So pretty!

And another oval cart – this one in a brushed bronze is a little more industrial which is cool, but I’m not loving the clear acrylic wheels…

Any good suggestions on finding a vintage (looking) bar cart for a steal?!

2 thoughts on “It’s 5:00 Somewhere… In a Classy way (of course)

  1. I found one (in Toronto) on bayview. It's not ideal, it has wood looking shelves, but the frame is brass and solid, so I am going to get the glass made for the shelves (or mirror) i picked it up for $50, a steal compared to the hundreds, or up to a thousand it can command new.


  2. Oh MAN, am I jealous to hear that! Sounds like a fabulous score – glass is cheap to cut in comparison to what some of these cost. Would love to see pictures of the finished product!!

    Thanks for reading Lee Ann 🙂


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