Our new Bar Cart

Happy Monday you guys!

I’ve been MEANING to post this for several weeks, but let me introduce you to our new bar cart!!

Yes, you heard me… BAR CART.  Hollllaaaaaaaa!!!

I’ve been wanting one for close to two years, and after much hunting, and much waiting I have one!! Do you remember the one that got away??  If only I’d pulled the trigger on a truly vintage bar cart, but everything happens for a reason, right??  Anyway, remember how I posted about this one from Target’s Threshold collection??

Well, I couldn’t help myself!  I swear, once I saw it, it was a done deal.

I had a little difficulty tracking it down, but I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger without seeing it in person. After locating one about an hour away, it was love at first sight.

I LOVE the brassy bronze finish, and the wood tray tops are a really nice touch.  I mean, it’s actually wood people!!  I’d read reviews that people said it looked and felt more expensive than it is.  This is the truth!!  It’s heavy, and feels so sturdy.  I could not be more happy with it 🙂

I had so much fun styling the top.  Turns out, we like our cocktails, because after gathering up all the bottles of alcohol in one place we had everything we needed!  Vodka galore, tequila (when and why did I buy that??), whiskey, and all the fixings for the perfect Manhattan.

Add to that, the really pretty cocktail glasses my mom gifted me (I actually think they are the old school champagne glasses with the wide bowl) some martini glasses, and all the tools for mixing, stirring, and straining drinks, and we were in business!!  There ALMOST wasn’t enough room for it all!

Once all the bar essentials were in place, I needed to add some fun accessories.

It is fall after all, and I couldn’t resist this cute little wooden fox.  I mean, what is a bar without a sassy fox??

I also loved the bronze candle holders – at night, they give a really pretty amber glow to the area.

Speaking of foxes… have you heard and / or seen the video for the song, “What Does the Fox Say“?? So hilarious – one of my coworkers introduced me to it, and I still can’t decide if it’s a joke, or if they’re serious.  Listen to it a few times… you’ll find yourself humming it at the most random times!


I’m still not loving the lower shelf’s styling, but it’s fine for now.

I felt it needed some height, which is why the lantern landed there, but I just don’t love it.  Still working that out…

The light was really bright from the living room when I was taking these photos, so excuse the washed out pictures…  I was aiming for a shot from further back to get the shelves in there… and the print hanging above the bar cart.

I hung that months before I knew we’d ever have a bar cart!  How perfect is that?!

Here’s a little birds eye view…
I know I said I was staying away from faux flowers, but these are seriously the ONLY ONES left in our house, and they had a really nice autumn vibe to them.  I couldn’t resist!

So that’s it!  Our new little bar cart that encourages the observance of cocktail hour… not that I’m complaining!

What do you think??

Are you running off to the store to get one of your own?

Who wants to play the role of Betty Draper with me?!

Bargain Find Bar Cart


STOP THE PRESSES.  Have you guys seen one of the newest additions to Target’s Threshold Fall collection???

That’s right… that’s a brushed brass bar cart (with wood shelves)!

Look at it styled up all pretty on their site…

I looked for pictures of it styled in someone’s actual home, but it’s still so new, there were none to be found.  I was a little curious about what the quality would be like… I mean it’s Target right?  Well it’s got glowing reviews online, and everyone says the “wood” is real wood!  Holla!!

Let’s talk about price… $129 is AN UNREAL PRICE for a bar cart.

Don’t believe me??  Check out the competition I’ve rounded up…

The CHEAPEST brass bar cart I could find was still going to be well over $600 from Crate and Barrel once you factor in tax and delivery.  I don’t know what made these become popular… perhaps all the great mid-century furniture on Mad Men?? but regardless, current prices definitely reflect their current popularity.  My point, this little Target bar cart is a bargain and a half – run, don’t walk if you want one.

My friend Lindsay recently scored a bar cart from her new husbands old boss for a STEAL, but that is so rare to find one of these at a good cost.

Do you remember the bar cart I found last year at the antique shop near my house??  I am still kicking myself for passing that up… the one that got away!  It was perfect.  Ah, live and learn.

We don’t really have a spot in our apartment that is crying out for a bar cart, I feel like I need it since I’ve wanted one for so long… perhaps I’ll head over to Target to snag it this weekend, and if it doesn’t work, I can always take it back… right??

Happy Friday!

Bar Cart Update

I WISH I could say that this little vignette is the newest corner in our apartment, but alas… it’s not.  Remember this bar cart I had my eye on at the antique store a few weeks ago?  It was a steal at $200, but after thinking about it more and more, I liked it… but didn’t LOVE it.  It had the right qualities, but was just too simple.

The image of the bar cart below from Life in a Venti Cup (original source unknown) just reminded me how much I adore the look of a swanky cocktail cart, but perhaps I will hold out for something more ornate… even if it costs me more in the long run.

While the one I spotted a few weeks ago was nice, it lacked a lot of the detail this one has.  
I love the raised sides and how it almost looks like the top could be removed as a serving tray (perhaps it can), and I love that underneath there are slots for stemware, and bottles of wine.  We already have a small buffet with a wine rack built in, but as an avid wine drinker, it’s not nearly large enough for the collection that has started to amass.
For now, I am keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect bar cart…

Weekend Finds

What a great weekend!  The weather here has been warm and sunny, and it’s days like these that remind me how much I love this city.  We went to the beach on Saturday – Kris to surf, me to run, and you’d swear we weren’t in San Francisco, but in southern California!

Anyway, after my run, I met up with my friend Lindsay, and headed over to Union Street in the Marina for some lunch and a little shopping.  I’ve got the normal stores I go to for clothes, and there is a ZGallerie there too, but I had never noticed this little antique store.  We wandered in to check it out, and it ended up being much larger inside than I would have guessed – two full storefronts packed with pieces ranging from Art Deco mirrors and chandeliers, to mod ’60’s chairs, and tables, lovely turn of the century buffets, and lots of cool small accessories – trays, vintage jewlery, art, lamps, and fur throws (I’m assuming they were real… not faux).
What did we stumble upon before we left???  A vintage bar cart!
I had JUST been saying how much I wanted one, but never in a million years thought that I’d be able to find one in my price range.  The idea of getting a new one sort of took away from the allure – I wanted the character of a vintage piece, so I was absolutely SHOCKED to see that this little guy was priced at just $220!  
I LOVE the bamboo shaped brass, and the teeny casters at the bottom.  There was a bit of damage on the top piece of brass at the top, so I didn’t walk away with it (I’m not one to make an impulse purchase like that) but I am definitely going back this week after work. I want to take a better look at the damage (is it fixable, or does it add character) and also want to check that it feels sturdy.
What else did I find, but an immaculate Dorothy Draper chest of drawers.  I am so in love with this piece, but at nearly $2,000 it’s something I’ll simply lust after for now.
Look at the details in the beveling, and the pretty brass pulls.  Also, the set of champagne glasses on top were fabulous (would look great on my new bar cart, ha!)

It’s 5:00 Somewhere… In a Classy way (of course)

I’ve found myself fantasizing about a vintage bar cart recently, and it has moved from the “want to have” list to the “need to have” list.  Kris just loves that 🙂
Not only are they so pretty with their glass tops and metal side details, but they are also “visually light”.  They don’t visually take up a lot of space, since the glass and metal frame are open.

Ballard Designs

I have even found the perfect spot for one (under a large mirror, next to our TV).

Bear with me, but this lovely picture of ooey gooey breakfast treats is the the only picture I could find that demonstrates where this bar cart would go… mmm, now I want chocolate crescent rolls!

Unfortunately, I’ve also found that these bad boys run up a pretty decent price tag…
I did a quick search on Google, along with Craigslist and Ebay – on the low end of the spectrum, I found the Jill Bar Cart at Ballard Designs for $349, but some of the actual vintage pieces on Craislist ran well into the thousands – yes THOUSANDS.  Holy macaroni!  I think I’ll go for a vintage knockoff, thankyouverymuch.
I absolutely love the bar carts with curved lines.  This one here with the handles and shiny chrome is amazing against the dark wallpaper, and who can resist the imperial trellis print?!  I know I cant!


This brass cart is pretty much a spitting image of the chrome one above… must be why I’m really into it too.  The cut crystal decanters are so pretty on top.  So pretty!

And another oval cart – this one in a brushed bronze is a little more industrial which is cool, but I’m not loving the clear acrylic wheels…

Any good suggestions on finding a vintage (looking) bar cart for a steal?!