Weekend Finds

What a great weekend!  The weather here has been warm and sunny, and it’s days like these that remind me how much I love this city.  We went to the beach on Saturday – Kris to surf, me to run, and you’d swear we weren’t in San Francisco, but in southern California!

Anyway, after my run, I met up with my friend Lindsay, and headed over to Union Street in the Marina for some lunch and a little shopping.  I’ve got the normal stores I go to for clothes, and there is a ZGallerie there too, but I had never noticed this little antique store.  We wandered in to check it out, and it ended up being much larger inside than I would have guessed – two full storefronts packed with pieces ranging from Art Deco mirrors and chandeliers, to mod ’60’s chairs, and tables, lovely turn of the century buffets, and lots of cool small accessories – trays, vintage jewlery, art, lamps, and fur throws (I’m assuming they were real… not faux).
What did we stumble upon before we left???  A vintage bar cart!
I had JUST been saying how much I wanted one, but never in a million years thought that I’d be able to find one in my price range.  The idea of getting a new one sort of took away from the allure – I wanted the character of a vintage piece, so I was absolutely SHOCKED to see that this little guy was priced at just $220!  
I LOVE the bamboo shaped brass, and the teeny casters at the bottom.  There was a bit of damage on the top piece of brass at the top, so I didn’t walk away with it (I’m not one to make an impulse purchase like that) but I am definitely going back this week after work. I want to take a better look at the damage (is it fixable, or does it add character) and also want to check that it feels sturdy.
What else did I find, but an immaculate Dorothy Draper chest of drawers.  I am so in love with this piece, but at nearly $2,000 it’s something I’ll simply lust after for now.
Look at the details in the beveling, and the pretty brass pulls.  Also, the set of champagne glasses on top were fabulous (would look great on my new bar cart, ha!)

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