Bargain Find Bar Cart


STOP THE PRESSES.  Have you guys seen one of the newest additions to Target’s Threshold Fall collection???

That’s right… that’s a brushed brass bar cart (with wood shelves)!

Look at it styled up all pretty on their site…

I looked for pictures of it styled in someone’s actual home, but it’s still so new, there were none to be found.  I was a little curious about what the quality would be like… I mean it’s Target right?  Well it’s got glowing reviews online, and everyone says the “wood” is real wood!  Holla!!

Let’s talk about price… $129 is AN UNREAL PRICE for a bar cart.

Don’t believe me??  Check out the competition I’ve rounded up…

The CHEAPEST brass bar cart I could find was still going to be well over $600 from Crate and Barrel once you factor in tax and delivery.  I don’t know what made these become popular… perhaps all the great mid-century furniture on Mad Men?? but regardless, current prices definitely reflect their current popularity.  My point, this little Target bar cart is a bargain and a half – run, don’t walk if you want one.

My friend Lindsay recently scored a bar cart from her new husbands old boss for a STEAL, but that is so rare to find one of these at a good cost.

Do you remember the bar cart I found last year at the antique shop near my house??  I am still kicking myself for passing that up… the one that got away!  It was perfect.  Ah, live and learn.

We don’t really have a spot in our apartment that is crying out for a bar cart, I feel like I need it since I’ve wanted one for so long… perhaps I’ll head over to Target to snag it this weekend, and if it doesn’t work, I can always take it back… right??

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Bargain Find Bar Cart

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