Bar Cart Update

I WISH I could say that this little vignette is the newest corner in our apartment, but alas… it’s not.  Remember this bar cart I had my eye on at the antique store a few weeks ago?  It was a steal at $200, but after thinking about it more and more, I liked it… but didn’t LOVE it.  It had the right qualities, but was just too simple.

The image of the bar cart below from Life in a Venti Cup (original source unknown) just reminded me how much I adore the look of a swanky cocktail cart, but perhaps I will hold out for something more ornate… even if it costs me more in the long run.

While the one I spotted a few weeks ago was nice, it lacked a lot of the detail this one has.  
I love the raised sides and how it almost looks like the top could be removed as a serving tray (perhaps it can), and I love that underneath there are slots for stemware, and bottles of wine.  We already have a small buffet with a wine rack built in, but as an avid wine drinker, it’s not nearly large enough for the collection that has started to amass.
For now, I am keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect bar cart…

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