Design Icon: Jeff Andrews

For those in the know, you get why Jeff Andrews has made my list of design icons – his work is clean, and he takes bold design concepts and infuses them with warm livability.  He has been featured in so many amazing publications from House Beautiful (a personal favorite of mine) to Traditional Home, Elle Decor UK, Vogue Living AU, BH&G… the list goes on and on… and on some more.

This living room is absolutely amazing… With those big french doors, and wide open windows, my first inclination would have been to paint the room white from head to toe, but going with a dark grey / blue, creates a rich canvas with tons of depth, where the furniture and colorful accents pop.

That fur throw on the bed!!  That ornate black beaded chandelier!!  Those twisted branches!!  The leather!! This room is sexy until the end of time, and the black paint on the walls makes it feel like a cozy little cave.  I think I’d never leave…

This foyer is as grand as it gets… look familiar??  It should if you are a fan of the Kardashians!!  This is Kris Jenner’s foyer that we’ve all seen a thousand times, but it’s classic glamour all the way.  From the curved double staircases, to the black and white tile, I absolutely love this space.

 There is just something about the dining room, that feels incredibly laid back.  Perhaps it’s the fun pumpkin colored silk curtain panels, or the plush bench, but despite the formal art, and traditional vibe, I only imagine lively family dinners here.

Those chairs!  That art installation!!  This space is earthy and warm with a chocolate shag rug (a shag rug in a dining room?!)

Now can you see why I am so obsessed with Jeff’s work?!

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