ANOTHER Bedroom Post (sorry!)

Ahh the bedroom – all talk, no action on my end so far!  I swear, this room really is next on my list for a makeover said the girl who cried wolf.

Do you remember this inspiration board I had put together for our bedroom??

I still love it, BUT… the rug is going to end up being too small!  It took me oh… six months… but I finally took measurements, and the 5×8′ rug that used to be in the living room is not going to work in the bedroom!  You literally won’t be able to see it from underneath the bed.

So, I’ve decided to sell it, and get something larger.  With the option to choose a new rug (which by the way, RugsUSA is having a 60% off sale that ends today) my options for the room just got a whole lot more exciting.

You all know how much I ADORE a creme colored upholstered headboard with nail-head trim… but after months of thinking, I’ve come to the conclusion that a headboard in this color won’t stand out against our off-white walls and it won’t add much interest to the room (sad).  I’ve shifted gears, and I’m going to be brave with color!

What color??  Navy!  I am now thinking of a lush navy headboard that will be the room’s centerpiece.

Taking a look on RugsUSA, I’ve narrowed down my choices to these three rugs…

Amazing right??  Not only are all three of these available in 7.6’x9.6′ measurements, but all three are below $300 – one of them is even below $200 (can you guess which one??).

I can pretty much guarantee that Kris will veto the zebra print rug immediately, even though it looks so soft, the grey is so pretty, and I love a good zebra print if it’s not too crazy.  I’m not even going to pick that battle…

I love the bold pattern and the rich color on the navy rug, but I worry that it will be TOO graphic (is that possible?).  On the other hand, if we go for a navy headboard, this rug would really tie everything together.

The third option is a pretty neutral trellis rug.  This rug (like the zebra) looks incredibly soft, and I love the colors, but while it will be versatile no matter how much I change up the room, is it boring?  Also, is the trellis pattern too similar to the rug in our living room?

I need to make a decision today since the sale ends today – if I’m not getting 60% off, I can’t justify a new rug.  To help me make this decision, I’ve put together two new inspiration boards for the bedroom.

Here is the first one…

I like this option… I yellow and navy look so great together, so I could use the extra fabric from the roman shade in our hallway to make a few pillows, and whip up a quick navy chevron lumbar pillow as well.  I keep coming back to the fact that the rug is simple, and that it will go with everything, no matter how many times I change the accessories up.

I also like the idea that I can move it into the living room for a very different look since these rugs will be the same size!

Next up, is the inspiration board with the navy rug…

This just looks awesome, right??  Aside from looking super styled and tailored, the navy rug is also less expensive!!  It will be just $200 with taxes tacked on!  I think I am leaning a towards the navy rug, but my head keeps telling me that the neutral trellis is the “safe” choice.

I have some thinking to do, but by the end of today, I might have a new rug on it’s way!!  No tricks this Halloween, just treats!!

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