Workplace Halloween Costumes

I happen to LOVE getting dressed up for Halloween, but you have to be careful when getting dressed in costume for work.  I put together an elaborate Cruella DeVille costume, but it’s a little much for the office…

If you are like me, and love getting dressed up for Halloween, but you don’t want to be that person with painted whiskers on your face in a meeting (yes, that happened to me last year), I’ve put together three work appropriate costumes, that are easy to throw together, and are adorable to boot!

Workplace Witch:  
All you need is a standard black dress and a few accessories to get this together… striped tights, and witch hat.  Everything else is optional!

Workplace Witch

Sailor Girl:
Not sexy at all, and who doesn’t own a striped shirt??  Time to break out your white jeans (yes, even after labor day), and snag a sailor hat from the costume store, military depot, or your dad (in my case)!

Sailor Set

Comme des Garçons slim fit shirt / Mango denim skinny jeans, $56 / Charlotte Russe ballerina shoes / GANT leather belt / NARS Cosmetics , $28

Where’s Waldo??
Another easy costume… red stripes, beanie, funky thick rimmed glasses… and call it a day!

Where's Waldo

Comme Des Garçons Play red long sleeve t shirt, $160 / Replay denim skinny jeans, $200 / Leather shoes, $105 / Sunglasses, $180

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