Deal of the Century – $70 Chandelier

Does anyone else follow Emily Hewitt of A Well Dressed Home?  Her taste is very similar to mine in terms of the palattes she goes for, and I absolutely adore her bedroom.

The color is great, I LOVE that upholstered headboard, and the bedding is classic and soft.  Looking beyond everything fabulous that is happening here, the real gem of this room is that chandelier!  And guess where it’s from??  The Home Depot – and it’s plastic.  She posts about it here, and I agree – for $100 it’s a steal, and since no one goes to touch your chandelier, who cares what it’s made of as long as it looks real!

This brings me to my find this morning… Joss & Main is having a sale from AF Lighting (sale here), and guess what I found??  I nearly identical chandelier to the one Emily has hanging in her room… same specs, but ~$40 cheaper!  Holla!
Fashion Chandelier in Clear

I know a great deal when I see one, so I snatched this pretty chandy up faster than a fat kid going after the last donut hole.  With an additional 5% off (hey, I’ll take it where I can get it) I snagged this lovely fixture for $70 – shipping included.

I’m no electrician, but I’m sure we can figure this out.  The hardest decision is deciding where we should hang it – in our bedroom to replace the current boob light the landlord so lovingly installed, or in the dining room, where there is an equally hideous light fixture??

For those unfamiliar with the boob light, feast your eyes:

Decisions, decisions… sounds like it’s going to ship pretty quickly, so I’m looking forward to a special package in the mail.  Next up, getting a pretty ceiling medallion for the installation!

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