Dining Room Updates

Hola friends!!  More updates on the apartment!

Things are getting done around here – art hung, walls painted, and now we’re slowing down because it feels like we live here for real, instead of that “just-moved-in can’t-find-the-cheese-grater” temporary feeling.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  To put it simply, we’re feeling completely settled now, so I thought I’d share a few pictures of the dining room.

You’ve already seen a few snapshots from this post when I hung the shelves up, and this post where I put up pictures of the linen curtains in here, but here’s the room in it’s fairly “finished” state.

The rug in here is new for this apartment – I’d blogged about it here – and when it first came, I was not 100% sure about how I felt.  Looking at these pictures, I’m still not fully sure it’s love, but I like it.  I like the colors, and how it feels really tied in with the rest of the house, and it’s got a nubby, earthy texture that is cool.

It’s not plush and soft under foot, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be.  It looks cool with the weathered stain on the shelves and the tripod lamp, so for now, it stays.

With the shelves on that wall, I had a hard time deciding what should go next to it.  For now, we’re sticking with the large abstract canvas that was hanging in the living room of our last apartment.  I like them together, and feel like the large scale art balances the “heavy” feeling shelves out.

I have yet to really photograph the other wall in here (you can kind of see in the first picture), but there is a smallish gallery wall happening, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Other plans for this space…

This table, as much as I love the pedestal is very rickity, and smallish.  Not that we need a huge table, but something that doesn’t creak when you set your elbows on it would be nice.  In the interim, it needs a good coat of paint – you can really tell from the above photo that it’s looking shabby, and when we sell it, it can’t be looking like this.  For now, this table is fine, but a new one is on the wish list.

Kris really liked this one from West Elm:

I was thinking of something a bit more like this:

I was feeling a bit “painted out” after repainting both the living room, and most recently, the kitchen, but this room is in serious need of freshening.  There are scuffs and holes galore, and the scuffs are permanent.  I went through two Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and they didn’t even make a dent. You know how powerful those things are too!

Also the heater vent…  Ugh, the peeling paint just kills me, but before that gets painted, it needs to be sanded.  Not a project I’m looking forward to, but an update which will eventually make a really HUGE difference.

The vent will be white, but I’m not 100% sure on the walls – perhaps my go-to favorite, Intense White by Benjamin Moore (which is really a light grey)- but maybe a stark white (like Decorator’s White – Benjamin Moore) would be nice…

A pretty chandelier or pendant would look awesome in here – especially since we decided to keep this as a dining room with a table in the center.  I conveniently left the current light out of the pictures, but it’s one of those flush mount boob lights that is just so ugly.  The great thing about lighting is that we can re-install the boob lights when we leave, and bring our chandelier / pendant with us into our next space.

We have a chandelier that I bought last year and never installed, but I think it might be better in our bedroom… or the entry.  I’ve always admired the Clarissa series of chandeliers from Pottery Barn… the long one is really lovely over a dining room table:

But the Orb Chandlier from Ballard is also really cool, and I think a bit more to Kris’ tastes…


Does anyone have any recommendations on (not super expensive) pendants or chandeliers you’ve seen recently?

Deal of the Century – $70 Chandelier

Does anyone else follow Emily Hewitt of A Well Dressed Home?  Her taste is very similar to mine in terms of the palattes she goes for, and I absolutely adore her bedroom.

The color is great, I LOVE that upholstered headboard, and the bedding is classic and soft.  Looking beyond everything fabulous that is happening here, the real gem of this room is that chandelier!  And guess where it’s from??  The Home Depot – and it’s plastic.  She posts about it here, and I agree – for $100 it’s a steal, and since no one goes to touch your chandelier, who cares what it’s made of as long as it looks real!

This brings me to my find this morning… Joss & Main is having a sale from AF Lighting (sale here), and guess what I found??  I nearly identical chandelier to the one Emily has hanging in her room… same specs, but ~$40 cheaper!  Holla!
Fashion Chandelier in Clear

I know a great deal when I see one, so I snatched this pretty chandy up faster than a fat kid going after the last donut hole.  With an additional 5% off (hey, I’ll take it where I can get it) I snagged this lovely fixture for $70 – shipping included.

I’m no electrician, but I’m sure we can figure this out.  The hardest decision is deciding where we should hang it – in our bedroom to replace the current boob light the landlord so lovingly installed, or in the dining room, where there is an equally hideous light fixture??

For those unfamiliar with the boob light, feast your eyes:

Decisions, decisions… sounds like it’s going to ship pretty quickly, so I’m looking forward to a special package in the mail.  Next up, getting a pretty ceiling medallion for the installation!

Chandelier Envy

If I could add a single thing to our home, it would be a crystal chandelier.  Truth.  Unfortunately, these babies run up a hefty price tag, and I just can’t bring myself to love (REALLY love) the less expensive versions.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pendant light with a drum shade or lantern, but our dining room is really calling for a fancy pants chandelier like these babies (on a smaller scale of course)!

 Is this not the epitome of elegance?  You could have the queen for dinner in this contemporary meets classic, white and chocolate dining room.

Emily of a Well Dressed Home does it again – bedroom perfection capped off by a pretty chandelier.

White on white on white – a favorite look of mine (always has been).  This crystal chandelier almost (ALMOST) blends into the background, but the detailed plastered ceiling draws the eye up so it’s almost impossible to miss this beauty.

And finally, traditional meets modern here with pretty chandeliers enclosed by linen drum shades… and flanking a bed?!  Never seen this before, and it’s perfection!