Standing Lamp Roundup

TheTorchiere Lamp… a very fancy name for perhaps the ugliest lamp ever.

Everyone’s had one.  They are in every dorm room and first apartment in the history of the world, since they are the cheapest lighting option out there.
Not only has everyone had one at some point, most of us twenty something’s (and let’s be honest, 30 somethings) probably still do.  I did… until a week ago, when I had a moment of clarity and promptly unplugged it and walked out out to the street corner.  Actually, when Kris and I moved in together, we each had our own, and had to decide which one to keep!  Ugh.  The answer should have been neither! 
We (me and my lovely torchiere lamp) spent 8 glorious years together, so I’d say that was $20 well spent back in 2005.
Anyway, there are so many amazing standing lamp options out there that are totally affordable, and now that I’m on the hunt for a new one, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites.  None are over $100 – in fact, most of these range from $60-70, and they are actually all from Target.  This is by no means a sponsored post – they really just have some great stuff right now!!

White Tripod Lamp,    Taupe “7” Lamp,    Brushed Silver Tripod Lamp,    Bronze “Window” Lamp

Of the above options, I’m totally loving the white tripod lamp – we get so many compliments on the tripod lamp in our living room, and this one is a smaller, “leaner” more simple version of it.

I also love the second option… this would be a great task light next to our “desk” in the dining room. I’m not a fan of the overhead light in there, so for just a bit of ambient light in the evenings, and it’s narrow profile, this could be a winner…

Bronze Modified Arch Lamp,           Silver Arched Lamp,                    Brass Library Lamp

The :arched” lamps are also very :in” – they were all over the new West Elm catalogue – the second one here would be so rad in our living room, but I definitely want to hold off on any committments until we settle on a new sofa.  If that ever happens… argh!

The brushed brass “library lamp” is also really sleek and cool.  I was thinking that a pair of these flanking our dresser / TV stand in the bedroom would be sort of fun since sconces are not an option right now… It would also look great with it’s narrow profile in our living room next to the sofa and our gallery wall – but would the light shine down in our eyes if we were sitting on the sofa below it??

I’ll report back!

Any other cool (and affordable) floor lamps you’ve seen recently??

Chandelier Envy

If I could add a single thing to our home, it would be a crystal chandelier.  Truth.  Unfortunately, these babies run up a hefty price tag, and I just can’t bring myself to love (REALLY love) the less expensive versions.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pendant light with a drum shade or lantern, but our dining room is really calling for a fancy pants chandelier like these babies (on a smaller scale of course)!

 Is this not the epitome of elegance?  You could have the queen for dinner in this contemporary meets classic, white and chocolate dining room.

Emily of a Well Dressed Home does it again – bedroom perfection capped off by a pretty chandelier.

White on white on white – a favorite look of mine (always has been).  This crystal chandelier almost (ALMOST) blends into the background, but the detailed plastered ceiling draws the eye up so it’s almost impossible to miss this beauty.

And finally, traditional meets modern here with pretty chandeliers enclosed by linen drum shades… and flanking a bed?!  Never seen this before, and it’s perfection!