Christmas Decor

It’s going to be pouring buckets of rain for the next few days, so my grand plan this weekend is to decorate for the holidays.  Aside from getting a tree, I want to swap out all the fall decor for wintery accessories that look like the holidays while keeping an organic feel.

Where else did I turn for inspiration than Pinterest, that is brimming with crafty, creative ideas.  Some of my favorites??

Well, for starters, I just LOVE these burlap pillows.  I would imagine that these would be fairly easy to replicate with a few letter stencils, fabric paint, and a sponge brush… and Ikea has fabulous linen pillow covers (20″x20″) for just $6!


I also love the look of these gifts, wrapped up in plain brown butcher paper, and decked out with red ribben, buttons, bows, and berries.  Unique, and pretty.


These paper wrapped ornaments are another simple project, and could also double as gift tags on a present!  Tear up yesterday’s newspaper, bust out the modge podge, and finish with glitter!  Easy!


I imagine that this pretty boxwood wreath would be much easier to buy than to make, and I love the simplicity of it.  I envision a few of these hanging in our windows this year.


And finally, how pretty and simple is this winter white vignette.  I may head out to the store right now for a pair of mini Christmas trees, and fake snow!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Decor

  1. I just love this post! The burlap pillows, the butcher paper presents, boxwood wreath…makes studying for finals seem much less important!

    ann e


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