It’s the Little Things…

Still in the spirit of Thanksgiving, one of my non-new years resolutions is to be thankful every day, and find joy in the little things in life… after all, sometimes the little things, are the best things….

This week I’ve been thankful for…

1. A brisk walk with this little pup.
He is my wing man at work, and I like to take him out for walks during lunch.  Can you imagine a better mid-day pick me up than this little guy??

2. The night lights in my pretty city

3. Red lipstick
There is nothing easier to make you feel pulled together when heading out to an impromptu after work dinner…

4. My new booties with a pretty lace skirt 
Do I even need to explain why this makes me happy??

5. The fall colors of the trees near my parents house
This is one of the things I miss the most about autumn.

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