Moroccan Inspired Dining Room

Isn’t this the most lovely dining room???

Designer, Matthew Patrick Smythe went to town on this Manhattan apartment, featured this month in Elle Decor.  The apartment covers a range of styles from modern to eclectic, but somehow it works… I mean… quite obviously it more than works, but of all the rooms, this dining room was my favorite.  It’s visually striking with graphic navy and white wallpaper, a pretty Capiz chandelier, and luxe velvet chairs.

If you couldn’t tell, the wallpaper is Schumacher, and if you ask me, it MAKES the room.  The delicate lacy detail reminds me of an intricate Moroccan gate, leading into a serene courtyard garden.  It’s absolutely amazing, but I don’t know if I could pull the trigger on it myself.  Since wallpaper is hard to install, even harder to take down, and can get really pricey really quickly, I’d try to recreate this look using paint.

If you love this room, then you are going to love the affordable inspiration board I’ve drawn up.

I’d start the room off by painting it a dramatic navy with grey undertones.  Buying multiple wood carvings and hanging them in a grid will break up the wall, and simulate the beautiful detail of the Schumacher wallpaper. The ones in this inspiration are from Target, and at roughly 12″ square, nine of these would create quite a large grid. 
Check out the where to buy guide if you want to try this look out on your own, and for more inspiration, look through the rest of this lovely apartment at Elle Decor!!

Side note: the wood carvings are wood, but if you want them to be white, a quick coat of paint would do the trick!  

I’d also spend the extra $7 for the spray attachment if you are going the spray paint route… it will save you some major finger cramps (plus, you get to pretend you are in Charlie’s Angels… which is pretty awesome, and well worth the extra $7)

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