Pretty in Pink

Isn’t this room the epitome of luxe?!
I am 100% certain that Kris would die if he came home to pink curtains in our living room, but one day after we win the lotto and make it rich, I will have a ladies only sitting room that looks just like this.  Bright and cheery – the pink adds just the right amount of sass, don’t you think??.  This room will be dedicated to book club (aka wine club), rousing discussions of Real Housewives, and crafting parties.  As I said… ladies only.
Alas, if you are a single gal living on your own, or your man has been perfectly trained to say, Whatever you want, honey (my favorite phrase, by the way), then get to work on recreating this dream room, and don’t look back!
I love how the soft greige (beige / grey) wall color, and white furniture keep this from being over the top girly, and brown is a natural compliment to pink.  It’s like they were born to be together.
This coffee table is pretty much what I am looking for to replace ours one day – I love the gold metal, and glass top, and I love that it is BIG, so it can hold a lot of stuff on the shelf below.  Add a few mirrored pieces to reflect light (and your pretty face of course) keep the floor neutral and fuctional, so there is no competition with the draperies, and you’ll be sitting pretty.  Take a look at my design board for a little inspiration…
If you are going to do it up right, I’d go custom on the curtains.  That can get expensive, so if you are handy with a sewing machine, this could be perfect for you.  I found these curtains on Linens and Things, and they are a steal if you are trying to recreate this look on a budget, but I still feel they are no comparison with the perfectly peachy silk drapes in the original room.  Dying white silk could be another option, but I am definitely no expert there, so I wouldn’t attempt it unless you were pretty confident on the outcome.
The other option here is to have someone else sew them – there are plenty of local seamstresses who could whip up some curtains for relatively cheap, so if you shop around, and find the perfect fabric, that is another way to go.
RugsUSA is literally my favorite source for rugs now – this huge woven number is a steal when comparing with places like Pottery Barn, or even local shops.  Etsy’s pillow selection is insane, and there are amazing deals to be found.  A word of caution – if you want the pattern on both sides, be sure to confirm they don’t use a solid backing on one side to cut costs.  Sometimes, it’s just worth it to pay more.
This mirror is from ZGallerie, and I’ve been lusting after it for some time now – it’s HUGE (and quite heavy) so for our apartment, we’d need to put some serious holes in the wall to support it’s weight.  Mounting this with anchors just isn’t worth it for us renters, but if you own your home, this mirror measures 39.5″ across – that’s over 3 feet!  A statement for sure, and it’s on sale for $214.  Someone needs to benefit from this if it’s not me!
Finally, Ballard was my source for the sofa and chair.  Elegant lines, good quality… need I say more??  The reviews online were rave, so I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment.
Enjoy the where to buy guide below, and of course, if anyone has interest in a custom design board for a room they are working on, send me a private message!

Knobby Loop Rug from RugsUSA
Pink Striped Silk Taffeta Curtains from Linens n Things
Manchester Apartment Sofa from Ballard Designs
Courtland Club Chair from Ballard Designs
Gold Edge Coffee Table from 1800 Lighting
Brown Ikat Pillow from Etsy
Brown Medallion Pillow from Rug Studio
Brown Patterned Lumbar Pillow from Etsy
Portico Mirror from ZGallerie
Mirrored Console Table from Target
Mother of Pearl Lamp from Bed Bath & Beyond
Mercury Glass Vase from Luna Bazaar

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