Peacock Print

Art can get really pricey really quickly, and while Etsy is a FABULOUS source for online art, so are old books.  The library in my neighborhood had a book sale a few months back, and walking by one afternoon, I ended up taking home a very random book of prints.  Perhaps a coffee table book at one time??

To be honest, most of the prints in it are tattered, and not so impressive, but there was one of a peacock that I flipped to, and I knew I had to have this book!

The page was incredibly tattered, but I was able to scan it to a digital copy, upload it to Shutterfly, and have them print out a high resolution image to frame.  It just came this week, and I am dying to frame it and put it up in our entry!

There was another print of a red and white flower, but I’m not completely sold on it… it would be great around the holidays, but I don’t know if it would translate well in other seasons.

It would be pretty in a series with other botanical prints, but unfortunately the other floral prints in the book are completely non-salvageable.

I have a special plan for the frame that the peacock is going into, and he is going to find a home in our entryway in the not so distant future!

The book was only $3, so I think it was a huge win!  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Peacock Print

  1. LOVE the peacock! I also really like the flower and I think it will translate well year-round…all in the styling 🙂 Great idea to look through old books for art!

    ann e


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