A New Bed means a New Headboard!!

After months of talk, we FINALLY got a new bed!  It took two separate trips and close to 5 hours, but after laying on every mattress about a hundred times each, we made a decision!!  Hurrah!! I bet you didn’t think this day would come!

Now that we’ve picked the mattress, and it’s en route for delivery, the fun can begin!  I have grand plans to make – YES MAKE – an upholstered headboard over the holiday.  My biggest fear is that this sucker will come out looking “homemade” – there could be nothing worse – but with all the tutorials online, I’m feeling confident.

I am totally inspired by this headboard by Kate of Centsational Girl – she has more craftiness in her pinky finger than I do in my whole being, but she took on this fabulous, complex curved headboard, and look how amazing it all turned out!!


This bed wasn’t a DIY – it’s actually from Overstock, but I love it all the same!


This headboard was from a bedroom that Emily (of A Well Dressed Home) worked on – so pretty.

Since I am making my headboard instead of buying it, I did a little research online, and found this super helpful headboard design template online – I LOVE the Cavendish, and Grosvenor, but while they are both so pretty, I have a feeling that all those curved lines will be a lot easier to screw up!

Repeating the mantra straight lines are my friends, I think I’m most realistically looking at the Alexander or the Belgrave.  The Alexander would definitely be the easiest, but I’m just not in love with it – it’s all too linear.  Blah.  I was already leaning towards the Belgrave, but after looking up some inspirations online, I am totally sold…

I love, lovvveee, LOVE this version with the tufting, and nailhead – it’s just perfection!


That deep diamond tufting is calling my name… no nailhead here, but the rich silk is so luxe.


This was a DIY done oh so right – I’m going for a solid fabric, but I am really liking the nailhead close to the edge!


And finally – navy and white – this close up showcases the detail of the INDIVIDUAL nailheads!  Amazing DIY!

Ok… so I mocked up four options for the Belgrave headboard since I need some sort of game plan!

I LOVE the look of tufting… it just brings everything to another level, but I am a bit concerned that this is going to over-complicate the process.  It all sounds simple enough on paper, but when it comes time for the project, I don’t want to chicken out!

The bottom two options are tuft-less, and will definitely be more simple to execute, but I’m worried that they could look lumpy over time from leaning against the foam and batting.

Also, how tall should this be?  Should I add legs to the bottom or mount it on the wall?  How heavy will it end up being?  Questions, questions, questions!!!  Dah!

Luckily I have a few weeks to figure it all out, and while a little overwhelming, I am SO excited to start pulling this bedroom together!

2 thoughts on “A New Bed means a New Headboard!!

  1. Hey Becky! My favorite interior decorator, Mrs. Howard just did a blogpost on upholstered headboards if you need some more inspiration. She also talks about dimensions and heights…

    Her blog is: Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper and the post is today.

    Hope this helps! These all look fabulous!
    ann e


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