My Peackock got Framed!

Yep – Mr. Peacock got matted and framed over the weekend, and he’s now hanging proudly in our entry way.  This frame started out with a cream colored crackle finish – it was all very shabby chic, and it did absolutely NOTHING for my pretty peacock.
Rustoleum spray paint to the rescue!  I picked up a can of Rustoleum in deep navy gloss, and it looks absolutely LUSCIOUS in person.  The frame now picks up the colors in the print, and brings some much needed color to this space.

As a side note, has anyone else tried to take a picture of something that is navy???


I tried it pretty much every which way possible – with all the shades open, all the lights on, lights off, flash on, flash off… it pretty much doesn’t matter – it will not photograph.  So sad, because our little hallway now has a little flair with my new peacock print!

You can KIND OF see the navy here… trust me – in person it’s awesome!
I’m also loving the linen inner frame with the touch of gold… a little rustic with the glam.
You’ll also notice that the doors and trim are now bright white – they are no longer the same color as the walls!  Holla!
I spent a few evenings over the last several weeks painting out the trim and doors.  Remember our entryway back in November?  Stripes galore??  Well, as you can see, the stripes are gone now, since it was all way too much, but one day I will have my striped hallway!

The peacock has some other complimentary prints being framed right now – we are going for a variation of blues that will coordinate with the living room… stay tuned for updates!

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