Wall Trees

Living in San Francisco, these old apartments don’t leave much space for Christmas decor, much less a beautiful, big Christmas tree.
Luckily, Kris and I have a large living room, and there is a perfect spot for the tree in the window, but a lot of my friends simply don’t have a tree – which I find SO sad!  I couldn’t imagine December without that lovely piney smell, and the soft glow of the fairy lights.  Especially since these are the shortest days of the year, I feel like I’m never even home when it’s light outside anymore!
That said, I have seen so many ideas for wall trees that would be perfect for apartment living!  All of these temporary solutions to having a tree without ACTUALLY having a tree!
I love the rustic feel of this tree that uses old branches stacked vertically in a tree shape.  Small ornaments and fairy lights are pretty, and you’ll hardly miss the real thing!
Or grab a can of paint, and free hand a Christmas tree right on the wall!  As long as you have the original room’s paint color, it will take literally 10 minutes to paint back over it once the holidays are over – less time than packing up all those ornaments, right??


Gallery walls are a huge trend right now, so why not twist that idea, and make a gallery tree.  Use ornaments, magnets, small frames, and whatever else you have.  Keep it lightweight and you’ll likely be able to use double sided tape for most of it, and small tacks for the rest!


Washi Tape – hard to find in normal stores, but easy to order online in plenty of patterns and colors.  It doesn’t get more temporary (or easy) than this!  And how cute!


A few thin twigs, a few tacks, and some small Christmas ornaments are all you need to make this next wall tree! I love how this one leans over as though the ornaments are weighing it’s wispy frame down.  How clever!


Hello there Chalkboard paint!  If you already have a chalkboard wall in your home, then you’re pretty much set, but if not, it’s kind of the perfect opportunity to jump on this bandwagon!  How sweet is this chalkboard tree?? (now if only I had that kind of artistic talent!)


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