Why is it so hard to find bedding?!

Our new bed is here!!! I swear I’ve never slept so well!  With the new (giant) bed in, and our old queen size mattress out it’s time to decorate.  A few updates since my last bedroom post… remember these two bedding options?

OPTION I                                                                                    OPTION II


Well both of these are off the table!  Yes, OFF THE TABLE.

I thought I was ahead of the curve when I ordered a few options before the bed arrived.  Well life is never THAT easy.  Dah!! Damn online shopping!  Apparently bedding is one of those things you have to see and feel in real life.

Option I ended up being very “shiny”.  There was metallic threads woven into the comforter, which ended up making it look (and feel) really cheap.  The pattern was pretty, and the colors were exactly as pictured, but it felt like some awful polyester blend.  Woof. Option II was pretty, but it didn’t have the loft we were looking for.  Kris also felt the embroidered quilt was way too feminine.  Can’t argue with him there!

Now I’m on the hunt for a duvet – I’m picking up a fluffy down comforter after Christmas, and with so many duvet options, I’m back to the drawing board!!

We’ll definitely be sticking with light colors since our room doesn’t get a ton of natural light during the day.

I’ve always admired the “Poetical” duvet set from Barbara Barry.  In person, the bedding is a true oatmeal color, and it comes with a pretty pale blue coverlet.  Let’s be honest – I KNOW we are not going to have the comforter folded all pretty at the foot of the bed every day, so that pretty blue quilt underneath will most likely go unseen most of the time.  With all that oatmeal bedding, I worry that this will just be too much beige in a room of neutrals…

Moving on… I am still into the look of “hotel” bedding – a la Restoration Hardware.

I like how this bed below mixes in print with throw pillows – taking the really clean simple bedding, and adding some personality…


This bedroom uses part Barbara Barry Poetical, and part Restoration Hardware Hotel Bedding, with a headboard eerily similar to the one I’m about to attempt… fate?
click to view full size

Using fabric swatches from Lewis and Sheron, I put together a quick idea of a few prints that could compliment the hotel bedding:

Is black and yellow too much for a bedroom?  This color pallette is pretty far off from what I’d originally dreamed up for our home, but I like it…

Or what if we kept the bedding all white, and swapped in pillows with different patterns and colors… we could do blues

Grey and yellow… a less severe version of the yellow and black…

Or maybe lighter blues and neutrals… much closer to the original inspiration board I had been working on…

Clearly, I am totally lost and have no clue which direction to go with for bedding… so frustrating!

4 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to find bedding?!

  1. I received the poetic bedding as a bridal shower gift and I will say I do love it. To add some color in my neutral bedroom (taupe, cream, fawn) I add splashes of color with sheets or throw pillows on occasion- this way I can change them easily without spending a fortune. I love the set with dark purple/eggplant sheets, or even navy too. Good luck with your bedding hunt.


  2. This is awesome to hear! I went back to Bed Bath & Beyond AGAIN today and agonized over the poetic Barbara Barry bedding. Dah! I literally CANNOT make a decision when it comes to this room. I think it's cursed 😉


  3. The first fabric on there looks to be discontinued, but this one is somewhat similar, and very pretty as well:

    The striped Fabric can be found here:

    The Blue Geometric found here (one of my all time favorites):

    Unfortunately I don't see the fourth fabric from this inspiration board either – looks to be discontinued. Lewis and Sheron Fabrics have a ton of other great options thought – you should definitely check their site out!


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