DIY Upholstered Headboard Tutorial

So… I’ve sat on this post for just about a year now…

Sorry about that.

You’ve all seen the glamour shots of my beautiful upholstered headboard, but it took many comments, posts, and private emails from you guys asking me for a tutorial, to get me to put together my upholstered headboard tutorial!!!!!

I’ve conquered my laziness, and prevailed.

For anyone new to the blog, let me rewind a bit… before starting this project (which let me just add, was one of the biggest DIY undertakings I’ve done to date) I’d obsessed for months and months about having an upholstered headboard in our bedroom.  Pinterest was my best friend, and for a while all I was pinning was lovely pictures of bedrooms with overstuffed, soft upholstered headboards.  I loved them all – thick velvet headboards, classic linen headboards, dark headboards, light headboards, tufted headboards, rounded headboards…. headboards with nailheads… headboards with pattern… headboards with detailed cut-outs and sloping sides.

Getting a new bed last year (an upgrade to a California King for my tall honey-bunch) was the catalyst for this project – our brand new shiny bed needed to be decked out, and so the hunt for a headboard started.

To say I felt defeated as I shopped online for an upholstered headboard is an understatement.  They are freaking expensive, people!!  For a California King, we were faced with a thousand dollar price range – especially once shipping and delivery surcharges were factored in.  No way.

After coming up empty handed, I turned to the internet for inspiration, and after reading a few headboard tutorials, I was on board to try my hand at making my own!  This was around the time when I turned to my lovely parents for assistance, so this DIY project became a family affair.

Let’s dive right in, shall we??

It started with this picture:

It isn’t the sexiest thing, but it really helped me determine what shape I wanted.

Belgrave… for me it was all about Belgrave (and with a strapping name like that, why wouldn’t it be??)

Actually, I wanted something like Cavendish or Grosvenor originally, but decided to KISS (keep it simple stupid… remember that??) and that a simple design = less of a chance to royally mess this up.

Once the shape was decided on, my mom and I went shopping.  I want to brag for a second… I am the LEAST decisive person ever, but when we walked into the fabric store, and I spotted this fabric it was all over.  Done.  Easiest decision of my life.

It has a beautiful, rough weave, and it’s the perfect color of greige (grey / beige) with nubby bits here and there.

Not only will it conceal dirt fairly well in the long run, but the rough weave promises that it will never look like I was trying (and failing) to “match” other fabrics in the bedding to it (btw, every time I type “rough weave” I can’t help but think of something like this)


We also ordered us some of these from Beacon Fabrics:

It’s a roll of nailhead trim.  Best. Decision. Ever.

The trim comes as one long strand, and every 5th nailhead or so, you hammer a real nailhead through to anchor it down.  The trim comes in different colors / finishes – we went with the French Natural, and I love it.

Initially, my mom tried to convince me that we should do individual nail heads.

Cannot. Fathom.

We will get to that later… but trust me you guys, nailhead trim is the way to go unless you have about a bazillion hours to kill and the patience of a saint.  As it was, I almost lost my s*** installing the trim so I can’t even imagine the individual nail heads.

Sorry.  It still brings up a lot of emotion thinking about the nailheads.

Ok, moving on.

What else do you need for this project besides fabric and nailheads??

– A big piece of cardboard
– An even bigger piece of plywood (and beware, plywood is heavier than you think!)
– A friend with muscles to help lift and carry heavy plywood
– Batting
– Rubber mallet
– Spray adhesive
– Jigsaw
– Sandpaper
– Staple Gun
– Pencil
– Upholstery Backing
– Straight Edge

If you want to attach legs, you’ll need a few extra items…
– Solid wood (my dad used two pieces of pine)
– Wood Stain (for the legs)
– Bolts (we used 4)
– Bolt cutter
– Industrial Strength File
– Patience

Step one – decide how high you want your headboard to be.  It was incredibly helpful for me to visually see a mocked up headboard behind our bed to determine height with the pillows all stacked up in front of it.  It also helped me determine how big and at what angle I wanted the cut outs to be.

So our bedroom looked really classy for a week or so with this piece of cardboard behind the bed:

Once I decided on my own we agreed on how big the cutouts would be, and how tall it would stand (for reference, I think I went with 68″ tall, and about 5″ wider than our mattress), we went for it.

Step 2 – trace cutouts and width on the plywood.

Cut it down to size using a sweet jigsaw.

Side note: I love how easy it was to type out that step.  It’s easy guys!  Just cut it down to size. With your power tools.  That you hopefully know how to use!

That step actually should have said, “Dad, put your safety glasses on before using the saw!!!”

Ok now they are on… now that the saw is off.  Awesome.

Anyway – I have the best dad, who knocked these cuts out in like .2 seconds.  Luckily no eyes were lost or injured in this process.  Bad dad.

Anyway, at this point get out the sandpaper and make sure all the edges are smooth.

It’s also at this point that if you’re attaching legs to the bottom of the headboard, that you attach said legs.  If you’re in our family and seek perfection in everything, then you stain the legs a few days ahead of time, so that they are pretty (thanks Dad!)

Why attach legs? you might wonder…

Because I wanted the most massive headboard in the world… no because I wanted it to stand higher than our pillows instead of getting hidden behind them once the bed was properly made.  Plywood comes as a standard 4×8′ and so with just 4 feet in height, it needed a little extra from the legs.

This is also a step where you want to be sure to measure everything well!

That should almost go unsaid, and be a general rule in all DIY projects (I can just hear my dad say, “Measure twice, cut once”) but here’s why it’s crucial to be sure on your measurements when attaching the legs…

This headboard is really big and heavy, so to be sure it was steady behind the bed, we wanted to anchor it to the bed frame (you CAN anchor it to the wall, but because we rent, wanted to avoid putting massive holes in the wall, attaching the headboard to the bed is key).  Long story short, the legs need to line up with the bed frame, so make note of the bed frame measurements before attaching the legs.

Once the legs are bolted on, we cut down the extra length of the bolts, and smoothed the nub down as much as possible with these tools…

Not sure what the technical term for this tool is (industrial strength emery board?), but it’s basically a huge nail file for metal.  Pretend you’re doing manicures.

Ok one more glamour shot of the pretty stained legs…


Now that you’ve got the base built, and legs attached, take the headboard inside – it’s time to cover it in batting and fabric.

Roll out the batting and bust out the spray adhesive.

Because we’re a family of Type A personalities, we had to steam the batting first.  This is entirely optional (but satisfying).

Once the batting is smoothed out from being bunched up in the package, spray the headboard (the front side) with spray adhesive and smooth the batting from the center to the edges.

The excitement around spraying the adhesive is optional.

Once the batting is attached to the front, you’ll want to pull it tight on the edges and staple it to the back.  Super simple.

On the curved corners, we cut the batting like this so we could wrap it around the curve nice and tight – no lumps.

See how that works?  Staple it down so it’s secure, and use a hammer to tap in the staples that didn’t sink all the way in.  Cut off the excess batting around the staples.

Repeat this process with the batting another time for a second layer of batting – this will make for a nice cushy headboard.

You’ll notice I didn’t say anything about foam.

We didn’t use foam on the headboard, which is why we wrapped it with the batting twice.  The plywood is really thick, and at first I was really pushing to use foam, but since we weren’t going to do any tufting (that seemed a bit ambitious for first timers) the foam would have made the headboard too thick to have nailhead.

In the end, no foam for us.  Just batting.  If you are going for a tufted headboard, you’ll of course need to use foam, but since we weren’t doing tufting, the batting is plenty cushy.  I believe the batting we used was the high loft as well (in case you were wondering).

At this point, the headboard should really be taking shape! It’s going to feel like you are on the home-stretch…  but you’re not.

Not yet… it still has to be covered with the fabric (and the nailhead trim is still waiting for you).

The obvious next step is to covering the headboard with the fabric – be sure that your fabric is ironed.  To have wrinkles would be a shame after all this work.  We found it was easiest to lay the ironed fabric face-down, lay the headboard face-down over the fabric, and start stapling from there.

Following the diagram below will be the easiest for you to follow where to staple and in what order:

The order goes like this:
  1. Secure the sides
  2. Secure the top and bottom
  3. Secure the curved areas.

Once the core staples are in that hold the fabric to the board, we picked the headboard up and stood it upright to finish the stapling like this.  Having my parents hold it steady while I stapled allowed us to see where the fabric needed to be tighter, etc.

As you go, use as many staples as you want – go to town with the staple gun in fact.  You don’t want the fabric moving anywhere.

After everything was secured, I went back in between all the staples for another round – in the end my staples were about 2 inches apart – one inch in some cases, especially around the corners.

For the curved areas, I used the same method of cutting the fabric towards the board as I did for the batting – this just really helped it hug the curve with no bunching.

For the areas around the legs, just do your best – we turned it under and secured with a staple, but keep in mind, no one is going to see this area pretty much ever.

We forgot that no one would ever see the legs, and ended up trimming it out all pretty with silk tape and nailheads.

Go figure.

We’re Type A, and can’t help it! It’s really an illness!

Ok, not to get ahead of myself here… the next step to the headboard is appending the nailhead trim.

I am not going to lie, this was the hardest part, and probably the most time consuming, and frustrating for us because we made a few mistakes (which you can easily avoid).  This is where a straight-edge, two pairs of hands, and an extra set of eyes come in very handy.

All I can say is thank god we got the nailhead trim instead of trying to hammer in individual nailheads.

Ok, so this doesn’t take much explanation, but the process here is to lay the nailhead trim down, and use the rubber mallet to pound in a nail head every few beads.  DO NOT USE A HAMMER – you NEED a rubber mallet otherwise all your nailheads will be dented.

When you unravel the trim it should look like this:

There’s a little hole every fourth bead, so you know exactly where each individual nail will go.  Pretty foolproof.  The tricky part is keeping the row running straight.  We used the straight edge and a pencil to lightly draw where the row would go, but use this only as a LOOSE guide.  We layed the nailhead on the line we’d drawn, not realizing that the fabric shifted a bit as we went, so the row started trailing off at a very slight diagonal.

A word from the wise: step back every few nailheads and look at the headboard from a few feet back.

Up close, it looked like we were going straight across the top, but standing back we realized we went off course.  Save yourself the pain because once it’s pounded in – especially to plywood – it’s VERY hard to get it off.

If you keep these tips in mind, go slow, check your work from a few feet back, and be patient, you won’t have to go back and redo all your hard work (like we did).  It SHOULD be easy!

A few other things I wanted to point out…

The trim had really sharp edges! My dad cut himself numerous times on it, and was nearly banished from this project after bleeding on my brand new headboard.

I forgave him.  But only because he’s my dad.

Also, the trim is really easy to bend, so it you’re working on a headboard with curved details, fear not, you can just bend it around very easily.

Finally, it’s relatively thin, so while we used heavy duty snippers to cut it, you could actually even use normal scissors.  It wasn’t that thick.  Promise.

At this point, you’re basically finished – the headboard is cut, legs attached, padding and fabric stapled down, and nailhead applied, but we did finish it off with one final step – which I should add is entirely optional – we finished the back with upholstery backing.

It’s super cheap, and usually comes in black.

We cut it to size and stapled it over the back to cover the raw plywood, and to cover all the unfinished fabric edges and staples.

It really finishes it off, and after spending a full day on this sucker, we were going for perfection!

I mean just look at those glorious nailheads!

And that fabric!!  LOVE!!

So that’s it my friends – the full tutorial on how our DIY headboard came to be.

It’s been almost a year since we built it, and it’s holding up SO WELL!  I mean it’s pretty much still brand new in my mind, and we could not be more happy!

The double layer of batting makes it really cushy to lean against when we’re reading in bed, the nailhead trim adds a little extra detail, and I am still so in love with the shape of the Belgrave.

For the seasoned DIY’ers out there, this project will be a cinch, and even for us first timers, it wasn’t so bad (minus the frustrations with the nailhead being perfectly straight).

If there’s anything I missed in my tutorial, or any other questions, just post them below or email me!  I’m happy to add more detail, or answer any questions you have if you’re attempting this on your own.

Hotel Bedding DIY

Our bed got a mini update last week – nothing earth shattering, but a definite improvement…
It’s probably not very noticeable to most people, but we FINALLY got some euro shams for our bed, and I did a little hotel bedding DIY on them.
I’ve been wanting actual hotel bedding pretty much since we moved in here a few years ago, but its SO expensive.  Even just 3 euro shams from Restoration Hardware run several hundred dollars, and I was not about to pay that for just a few decorative pillow cases.  Thanks, but no thanks.
I’d been digging on Overstock, eBay, and Amazon for other options… I looked at a few at Macys, Bloomingdales (yep, they sell bedding online!), and Lands End, but either the options were still really pricey, poor quality, or the wrong colors.  I wanted either navy, or a dark grey (black seemed more limiting since we have a lot of navy going on in here)…
So I decided to experiment with a little project.
I’d seen projects online where people had used grosgrain ribbon to trim out curtains, so I figured the same could be done with pillow cases.
I started by ordering some fairly inexpensive plain white euro sham pillow cases off of Overstock.  I ordered these ones in case you’re interested. They look nice, but aren’t the best quality to be honest. I don’t really care since we’re not sleeping on them, but I wouldn’t recommend them for anything other than a decorative euro sham.
Once I got the shams in the mail, I went to the fabric store and bought 10 yards of their 1″ cotton grosgrain ribbon.  Our euro pillows are 26″, so I needed a minimum of 8 2/3 yards, and in case I messed up a bit, I wanted extra yardage.
A word of warning – do not go with a synthetic grosgrain ribbon.  When you iron it, it crinkles up, so be sure you pay the extra few dollars for the 100% cotton (learned that the hard way folks).
Anyway, the project was really simple – once I had the ribbon and the pillow shams, I got out my stitch witchery (iron on adhesive tape) and went to work ironing the pieces of ribbon on.
If I were to go back in time and do this again, I’d also invest in a REALLY sharp straight edge, and something to measure a perfect 45 degree angle for the angled cuts for each corner, but live and learn. I found that my sewing scissors weren’t quite as sharp as I would have liked, so it was more difficult to get a perfectly clean cut on a 45 degree angle. A few of the corners aren’t perfect, but its not that noticeable.
Live and learn.
Anyway, I still need to go back with a paintbrush and a dab of glue to all the cut edges to seal them and ensure they don’t fray, but the project only took me about 45 minutes to iron everything down, and get it on the bed.  It also cost me maybe $80 total for all three pillows and the ribbon – SO much less than any other option, where the pillows ran close to $50 each.
I’m really happy with how it all turned out (clearly), and our bedroom just feels so much more finished. Like I said – a small change, but it’s one more thing to check off the list!

Happy Monday!

Full Dresser Reveal – Ikea Tarva Hack

So last week I’d jumped the gun with excitement and posted a few blurry pictures of the newly painted dresser that is in our room functioning for storage and as a TV stand…
This has been a long time in the making… remember LAST FEBRUARY when I first started talking about this???  Well, it’s only taken me eight months to finish this project 😉  With the hardware attached, I can OFFICIALLY check this project off the list!
Yep, that’s my reflection in the TV!!

I can’t even begin to explain how good that feels to be able to say it’s DONE.  Phew!

I am so pleased with how it turned out – the ultra-marine blue paint color brings such LIFE to our bedroom without being overwhelming, or too in your face.

I am in love with how it all turned out, but it was a LONG road to get here… let’s start at the beginning…

Ikea… on a Saturday… NIGHTMARE.  I got in, I got out, and a glass of wine later, I was ready to get the party started get this dresser built.

Step one: organize nuts, bolts, and assorted other random pieces Ikea packages up.

All I’ll say is… be VERY CAREFUL to be sure that you are using the right little screw thingy for each step of the process… you do not want to have to go back and take apart the dresser halfway through because you used the short screw and not the long one – TRUST ME on that one.
You may also want to enlist a buddy to help read the instructions… they use pictures, not words, and some of the little drawings I STILL can’t figure out…. bottom left picture… what do you think that says?? “Don’t break the furniture you’re building?”  Is that what it means?  Thanks Ikea… wise words…
I’ll spare you the boring details, but our living room was a disaster zone for two nights, as it went from this…
To this… an almost completed dresser! 
Look at those drawers… that open and close smoothly.  A work of art I tell you!  I’ve never experienced a more satisfying moment.  
Well, except for that time when I was home from college, and went to Costco with my mom, and saw that the girl that bullied me all through high-school was working the front door…  that was also an EXTREMELY satisfying moment… Deanna!  Is that you??  Going places in life I see… 
Another story for another day… 
Anyway, it felt REAL good to get the drawers working…
Moving on… the wood is pine, which means that it secretes oil from the knots in the wood for years… YEARS PEOPLE… so to be sure that the knots stayed hidden, and that my lovely paint job stayed intact without any bleeding from the wood, I used a super-duper primer.
Kilz primer got the best reviews online for sealing in wood oils on pine furniture, and so far so good.
I read that having the primer tinted made things MUCH easier to paint over when using a dark paint color.  I am SO THANKFUL I did this – I probably saved myself an extra coat of paint (or seven), and many frustrating hours in the long run.

The tinted primer won’t be as dark as your paint color, but it helps SO much.  It went on a light blue (pictured above) – I did 4 thin coats with a roller (to be sure none of that oil from the wood came through over time), let it dry, sanded it, wiped it down really well.

Then it was time to paint.

I just did regular water based paint (for easy clean up) in a semi-gloss – three coats with a roller later, and these bad boys were drying in the living room…

The most interesting thing to me about this paint color is that it photographs so differently in different lights, and that’s actually how it is in real life.  In bright direct sunlight, it’s a rich peacock blue, but in the afternoon it’s definitely a darker moodier version of itself… sometimes it almost looks like a dark green.
Like a mood ring – it’s totally fascinating to see!
Remember my inspiration for this color?? It was this Peacock Blue Dresser from Dimples and Tangles that got the creative juices flowing – I still love how her’s has the lacquered look.  
Anyway, you all know about my love of the brass hardware – it was quite a hunt to find!  My first order was cancelled because they ran out of lion head pulls!  WTF… I had to hunt it down elsewhere, which added a few extra weeks onto this project.

The dresser was in our room, just waiting for those pulls, and when they came, I was even more excited with how cute these guys were!  Quite sassy if you ask me.

And so, that’s the story my friends…  are you ready for the massive photo dump??  Here we go!
The view from my side of the bed… that’s a pretty realistic image of how the paint color reads in person – like the color of the ocean 40 feet down… gorgeous!
And a few close up images of the hardware against the paint…

Our old problem was that the TV stand that had been in here was too low to the ground so we couldn’t see the TV from the bed… especially once we bought our giant California King, with the extra high box spring.

Now, as you can clearly see, the TV is at optimal viewing height…

This room is SO TRICKY to photograph – it’s not big, and so this was the only angle where I could really get the whole dresser in.  Awesome photography skills – clearly.

And as I’m posting these, I’m realizing that there are a few unintentional selfies where I’m reflected back in the TV.  In my pajamas.  Awesome.

On another topic, how awesome do those navy and white curtains look with the dresser???  Totally baller.

Next up on the list… what do we do with this wall above the TV??

It’s a HUGE improvement to have the TV higher on the wall, but it’s still very empty feeling.  I know I have a bit of a problem and want to put something on every wall, but I swear to god, this wall NEEDS something.  I was thinking sconces, but the lazy part of me is like… ehhhhh.

If we didn’t have so many freaking mirrors in this room already, I’d consider a trio of round convex mirrors, and I haven’t completely ruled that out, but I’m trying to think of something other than another mirror…

Here’s a photo of our lovely dresser from the bathroom door looking back towards the hallway and our dining room / office area.  I love that the spaces have a really cohesive feel…

Oh, and don’t forget to notice our dust ruffle on the bottom of the bed.  It’s a subtle change, but a HUGE improvement since you could see all the crap stuff we were storing under there and it just looked so unfinished, and ugly, and messy, and terrible.  UGH.

Now it’s hidden and I’m SO much happier.

This next photograph was taken from an angle I don’t often capture since the salmon tile in our “art deco” (aka old as hell) bathroom is all up in your face.

What you can’t see (thank god) is that the shower was re-done at some point since the 1930’s, and in an attempt to match the coral tile, they went with pink.  Pepto bismol pink.  That doesn’t match.  Not even close. Oh well…

And just for good measure (and since i was already in there with the camera) I got a few photographs of the headboard and new bedding together.

I’m liking this combination for fall, and I love that the Duralee fabric on the bolster ties in with the other colors in the room, and brings a punch of color to wake things up a bit – as you can see, I’m still on the hunt for euro shams.

Standing a bit further back, you can see yet another empty wall that kills me a little every time I see it. The wall above our bed and headboard just needs SOMETHING.

I think I nice oversize clock would be nice here – again, trying to stay away from more mirrors in here… plus it will help keep me on time as I get ready in the morning…

So that’s it!  The new dresser / TV Stand / Ikea hack is complete!  If you need to find me, I’ll be in bed watching TV from now until forever.

Just kidding.  Kind of.

Happy Tuesday!!

Bedding Sneak Peek

I’ve been busy in the bedroom… get your mind out of the gutter!  I’ve been busy making updates in the bedroom!  We’re still on hold waiting for that darn brass hardware to arrive for our new dresser, but in the meantime, our bedding got a little freshening…

I’d snagged the West Elm ikat duvet on sale, but it was taking forever to ship, so while it was en route, I started thinking of accessories, and styling…  Here’s what I came up with for our bedroom… 

And as of last night, this is where our bedding landed…

Darn close… am I right?!
I made the lumbar pillow from the Waverly Santa Maria Desert Flower Fabric which I LOVE (Kris is still warming up to it), with this easy no-sew pillow cover tutorial.  It literally took me about 15 minutes on Sunday night to whip it up!
You can’t see it in this picture, but the crap storage under the bed is now concealed by a neutral bed-skirt.  Nothing special – we just wanted it to blend in and hide all the random stuff under our bed (board games, surf-board bags, College memorabilia, fake flowers, Christmas ornaments… you name it)

These are just low resolution iPhone photos, and there are more to come – I’m still hunting down Euro shams to cover the plain white pillows, but instead of a black stripe, I think it would be really cool to use a similar ultra-marine blue to the dresser / TV stand…

I know… you guys haven’t seen it yet, but this is still a progress photo.  Looking good though, eh??

Now I’m scheming for some sort of artwork, mirror, clock, fill-in-the-blank to hang over the bed, and surround the TV.  Not that I want to put too many more holes in our walls… but just a little something to draw the eye up.  It’s been looking mighty empty over our gorgeous headboard, and the wall behind the TV is still crying out for something…

I still love our white and blue bedding, and don’t you worry… it WILL be back… but this is a fun change for now…

Ahh, so pretty… but a little too summery right now…

Do you remember what our bedroom used to look like??  Before the blue accents, the bedroom looked like this…

And before that, it looked like this…

And look at the busy dark curtains… what was I thinking??

And remember this??

Yep, lots of changes over the last two years…  It’s so awesome to be able to look back over the evolution of this space…

New Bedding

I had a very successful trip to HomeGoods yesterday.  VERY successful.  
I went in looking for a chair – something overstuffed and comfy – to replace the wicker chair in the living room.  While I didn’t come out with a chair, I came out with some new bedding, a few rugs, pillows, glass vases… oh the list goes on and on…
Since I’d been looking for bedding without much luck for the past several months, I’d even entertained the idea of making my own bedding.
With the navy and white bold stripe chevron curtains, I wanted something to coordinate, without necessarily “matching” and I’ve been obsessed with deep blues and indigos.  I can fully admit to my trellis pattern obsession, and with a trellis rug in the room, I knew any interlocking, repeating trellis print was out.  

I also wanted to stay away from stripes to avoid anything too matchy-matchy with the curtains.
I found it was incredibly hard to find bedding with blue and white – a true white.  There was lots of creme and blue, or tan and blue, so when I found a Queen size set of the blue and white Ralph Lauren paisley sheets in the bin at Homegoods yesterday, I was bound and determined to find them in a King size set.
Patiently I went through bin-by-bin, rummaging through every. single. set. of. sheets.  No luck.  If you’ve been to a Homegoods, you know how disorganized it all is.  I went through each bin and shelf a second time, just to be sure that I hadn’t missed it.  No luck again.  I accepted defeat, and moved on to the bath accessories section.
What did I find hiding behind a stack of sea-horse printed hand towels??  Well, it was the king size set of blue and white paisley Ralph Lauren Sheets that I’d spent the last 30 minutes hunting down!
They are great quality – 500 thread count, and the set included the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two shams… for $50.  
$50 DOLLARS?!  I literally couldn’t believe it.  The set was cheaper than a single flat sheet I’d gotten a few months ago!
In the massive bin of throw pillows, I found a deep blue ikat roll pillow that coordinates with the sheets.  I wish it was down fill, but I can look for an insert later.  I’m still holding out for Euro Sham covers that I love, but so far, the addition of the sheets and roll pillow dramatically improve the bedding situation.
What do you think??

Also, you might also notice our lovely makeshift headboard…

Pretty huh?  Yeah… pretty awful.
It’s only temporary, I assure you.  We pieced it together to determine how high and wide we want the headboard to be.  You also can’t see from this far away, but we’re also trying to determine how large and at what angle we want the side cut-outs to be.
We’re planning on the belgrave headboard shape, like this DIY from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs:
Can’t wait for more bedroom updates!

Surprise Source for Bedding

When I think of Lands End, I think of monogrammed totes and my dad’s fleece lined jackets.  I do NOT think of bedding… until now.

When we originally were planning on getting a new bed, I wanted to get hotel style bedding, but with Restoration Hardware’s costs through the roof, we scrapped that idea, and went with a solid white duvet.  
Fast forward several months until today… I was checking email, and randomly got a message from Lands End.  Quickly browsing through the site, I discovered that they not only carry bedding, but that 
    a) it looks nice
    b) it’s affordable
    c) it looks incredibly similar to the hotel bedding that cost thousands (yes, THOUSANDS).

And you can Monogram them!  
For $179, you get the King Size duvet, and two king shams… it’s a STEAL if you ask me!  I also liked some other other options – the light blue duvet below was really pretty, and the navy and white trellis pattern is very “zGallerie”…
Lands End – who knew!

Bedding Decisions

As you know, the bedroom has been on my list for a little revamping for a looonnnggggg time.  And I’ve been saying for months that it’s “next on the list”, but I swear to you, this time, improvements are on the way.
And I mean, SOON.
We’ve got the new bed, some new curtains, and the new rug, so I’m going to get motivated to start finishing the room out.  Here’s a shoddy picture little reminder of how the curtains are looking now with their crisp navy and white wide chevron stripes:
If you recall, we got a new rug which arrived several months ago, but I’ve never photographed or posted.  Of the three options I was going between in this post, I went with option #3:
It was the “safe” choice since the pattern wasn’t too crazy and the colors were the most neutral, but it’s been a decision that I’ve been very happy about – here are a few pictures from the day we rolled it out… just before our bed was delivered!

I am SO thrilled with the quality.  It’s really plush and soft – you can really see the quality in this up-close and personal shot below:

So now with the neutral rug, the new curtains, the new bed, and white bedding, I feel that we need to add some more color and pattern into the mix.  I definitely want to incorporate the navy from the curtains into the bedding, and here are a few options I’ve come up with:
Bring in some BRIGHT Colors:

I really love the Santa Maria Fabric from Lewis and Sheron fabrics – it’s bright and fun, without being juvenile.  The pattern has a good dose of navy, and I love that using this fabric on the Euro Shams would bring some life to the otherwise neutral space, while tying in with the striped pattern for the shams and curtains.

Santa Maria

Kris isn’t 100% sold on the bright colors – I think it’s because of the pink – but a punch of color would really wake things up – don’t you think?

Stick with Navy and White all the way:

Staying with a navy and white palate will allow me to bring a more wild (literally) print into the mix. There is something about a little kick of navy zebra that I am absolutely LOVING.  It’s just enough animal print without being “safari” and I think it could be really fun.

Mix in A LITTLE color and fun patterns:

I love Ikat, but I’m afraid that the Kalah Blue pattern I’m so in love with is too creamy colored to work with the pure white bedding (swatch below).

The “polka dot” ikat fabric with the pale grey background makes the fabric choice more deliberate, and while the Kalah Blue fabric won’t work on the bed, I have other plans to make it work in our house elsewhere.

So those are the three options I came up with first… but then I started second guessing (shocking, right?) and started thinking that maybe a combination of these three might be what I need…

I could take the preppy striped fabric from the first mock, and the “polka dot ikat” from the third mock and pair those together…

Could this be the winning combo??

Or do you feel like I haven’t hit the jackpot yet with ANY these combinations? Should I look for other options???

What about Lime Green?

Or what if I used some of the Chaing Mai Dragon fabric from Shumacher??

DAH!  I swear I will make some decisions!

Apart from my indecisiveness, you may have noticed a few other changes to the bedroom set up in these mocked up photos.  I want to get some large mirrors – either oval or rectangular, to mount behind each nightstand, and take the place of windows.  I also want to add a headboard, to anchor the bed, and create a visual point of focus for the room.

As of the day our new bed arrived, this is how the bed pretty much still stands today:

Excuse the washed out photo – this was taken at night with all the lights on.  Since this photo was taken, the poly fill Euro shams have been replaced with down Euro Shams – a HUGE improvement (and you know how I love to chop my pillows).  We’ve also gotten a white duvet for the down comforter, and it looks just like a hotel bed – no more freshly-taken-out-of-the-bag-super-wrinkly-down-comforter.

Here’s the official list of to-do’s for the bedroom:
  – New King Shams
  – New Euro Shams
  – New Bedskirt (this is SO necessary to hide all the crap under the bed)
  – Mirrors behind nightstands
  – Headboard
  – New TV Stand
  – Get rid of gold shelving unit
  – Art behind the TV
  – Find a new home for the quatrefoil mirrors
  – Additional Lighting

That list looks longer than it sounds in my head…

I’ll keep you posted on progress (and decisions!)

White Bedding Inspiration

Decisions, decisions…
In my last bedroom post, I was admittedly overwhelmed by the choices for bedding.  Honestly, I still am, but  I’ve made at least one decision that should keep the ball rolling…
I’m going white.  
It was actually this photo that really sealed the deal for me.
I just really loved how clean it looked, and it really appealed to me that I could swap out the pillow covers without commitment.  We could do lighter fabrics, florals, and punches of coral and aqua during the warmer months, and heavier fabrics, faux fur, and darker colors in the winter.  For a girl who can’t make up her mind, this is definitely the way to go… no?
Last week, my mama and I set out on a mission to find “the perfect” down comforter.  She probably was at her wits end with me continually asking… Is this one fluffy enough?? but alas, we found one, and so I’m on the road to getting the bedroom moving along.
After getting the comforter, I spent a lot of time trolling Pinterest to find white beds that inspired me, and these pictures together should give a good idea for the look I’m going for (and keep me focused in the process)…

I especially loved this one, with the thick black border and the eclectic mix of black and white.  We DEFINITELY need to get some color going in our room with all the creme and white going on, so black isn’t going to work for us, but the pattern is what got to me. The euro sham here is almost an animal print, but isn’t, and I love that.  If only I could find that in navy…

The color combo here struck a chord with me.  All that navy, and the mix of patterns and textures.  I also love the pops of poppy and orange.  Even just a vase of flowers does the trick.  As a side note, if anyone knows where I can find that fabric covering the lumbar pillow, please contact me.  I spent a solid hour searching without luck.  I love that its part ikat, part polka dot.  To me, it’s playful and it just makes me happy.

Another great fabric here – is it chevron or zebra?  Who really cares – it’s fabulous!  I also love the white lamps against the navy wall, but obviously I’m not going to be painting the walls navy in an apartment we may not be in too much longer…

Rustic meats sophistication.  I LOVE this… but again, we’ll need more color in the pillows.

Finally, a subtle stripe, with a trellis pattern, and some fun scroll designs – not to mention the coral printed stools.  This is definitely more coral than we are going for, but I love it all the same.

Notice a trend though in these beds?  I am really leaning towards blue and white – crisp and clean.  I’m going between navy and cobalt blue – perhaps a blend of the two??  Either way the navy will being more character than plain black, while still allowing us to mix in other colors over time.

A few of my favorite patterns:
Diamond ikat - indigo and white
Diamond Ikat by Lucy Patterson

Casablanca Wht/Fla
Casablanca Blue Ikat by Lewis and Sheron

Duralee Blue Ikat Decorative Pillow Cover, Accent Pillow, Throw Pillow, Pillow Cover
Duralee Kalah Blue
I love this one, but perhaps the background is too off-white to be paired with crisp white bedding??

Anyways… just some food for thought.  I am giving my wallet a rest after the holidays, New Years, and rent, so I have plenty of time to stew on these ideas…

Why is it so hard to find bedding?!

Our new bed is here!!! I swear I’ve never slept so well!  With the new (giant) bed in, and our old queen size mattress out it’s time to decorate.  A few updates since my last bedroom post… remember these two bedding options?

OPTION I                                                                                    OPTION II


Well both of these are off the table!  Yes, OFF THE TABLE.

I thought I was ahead of the curve when I ordered a few options before the bed arrived.  Well life is never THAT easy.  Dah!! Damn online shopping!  Apparently bedding is one of those things you have to see and feel in real life.

Option I ended up being very “shiny”.  There was metallic threads woven into the comforter, which ended up making it look (and feel) really cheap.  The pattern was pretty, and the colors were exactly as pictured, but it felt like some awful polyester blend.  Woof. Option II was pretty, but it didn’t have the loft we were looking for.  Kris also felt the embroidered quilt was way too feminine.  Can’t argue with him there!

Now I’m on the hunt for a duvet – I’m picking up a fluffy down comforter after Christmas, and with so many duvet options, I’m back to the drawing board!!

We’ll definitely be sticking with light colors since our room doesn’t get a ton of natural light during the day.

I’ve always admired the “Poetical” duvet set from Barbara Barry.  In person, the bedding is a true oatmeal color, and it comes with a pretty pale blue coverlet.  Let’s be honest – I KNOW we are not going to have the comforter folded all pretty at the foot of the bed every day, so that pretty blue quilt underneath will most likely go unseen most of the time.  With all that oatmeal bedding, I worry that this will just be too much beige in a room of neutrals…

Moving on… I am still into the look of “hotel” bedding – a la Restoration Hardware.

I like how this bed below mixes in print with throw pillows – taking the really clean simple bedding, and adding some personality…


This bedroom uses part Barbara Barry Poetical, and part Restoration Hardware Hotel Bedding, with a headboard eerily similar to the one I’m about to attempt… fate?
click to view full size

Using fabric swatches from Lewis and Sheron, I put together a quick idea of a few prints that could compliment the hotel bedding:

Is black and yellow too much for a bedroom?  This color pallette is pretty far off from what I’d originally dreamed up for our home, but I like it…

Or what if we kept the bedding all white, and swapped in pillows with different patterns and colors… we could do blues

Grey and yellow… a less severe version of the yellow and black…

Or maybe lighter blues and neutrals… much closer to the original inspiration board I had been working on…

Clearly, I am totally lost and have no clue which direction to go with for bedding… so frustrating!

Bedroom Updates

Over the Holiday Break, I plan on finally making some serious progress on our bedroom!  Yep – it only took me a full year of inspiration boards, varying color combinations, and swearing up and down that this room was next on my list.

Yesterday, our BEAUTIFUL new rug arrived after being back-ordered for a month.  Remember this post where I agonized over the creme colored rug vs. the navy??  Well, my practical side won this fight, and I ended up opting for the creme colored trellis, and as undecided as I was in the moment, I could not be happier!  It is super luxe in person, and I can’t wait to roll it out in the bedroom.  RugsUSA – I heart you.  I really do.

If you like this rug, you can find it here

An update on our bed… Kris and I have decided that a new mattress will be our Christmas gift to each other.  I had no clue that a good mattress ran around $4K, so while it’s no puppy with a big red bow around it’s neck, it’s dang good present in my humble opinion. I’m so excited for a good night’s sleep, and no back pain when I wake up (god, I sound like I’m 90 years old saying things like that!)

The other part of this present for ourselves??  New bedding!

I ordered a few options during Macys’ Friends and Family Sale last week – did anyone else hit them up for 60% off??  Holla!

Everything has shipped, so the bedding should be arriving towards the end of this week!  Yippy!

First option is the soothing creme colored bedding.  This would mean that our entire room would be light colors with creme colored carpet, creme drapes, and creme bedding.  Hey, we don’t have kids… we can do things like this!!

I’m not a huge fan of those faux french looking throw pillows, but I love the quilt-like comforter and European shams.  Definitely looking forward to seeing this one in person…
Option number two is actually one I’ve had my eye on for a while – its an abstract paisley with a pale blue background.  I love the quilted coverlet in this photo as well, so I was sure to order that too.  This option definitely lends more visual interest with the pattern, but I’m not sure how these colors will translate in person.  Is that tan going to look olive in person?  Gold?  How will the fabric feel?

Regardless, since we are upgrading our mattress from a queen to a king, we’ll need new bedding one way or another, so at least we have some initial options!

Here’s how I see the room coming together with each…

What do you think? Yay, or nay?  Should I keep looking?

I think I need to see the fabrics in person, and get everything in the room to really decide which one is the keeper!