White Bedding Inspiration

Decisions, decisions…
In my last bedroom post, I was admittedly overwhelmed by the choices for bedding.  Honestly, I still am, but  I’ve made at least one decision that should keep the ball rolling…
I’m going white.  
It was actually this photo that really sealed the deal for me.
I just really loved how clean it looked, and it really appealed to me that I could swap out the pillow covers without commitment.  We could do lighter fabrics, florals, and punches of coral and aqua during the warmer months, and heavier fabrics, faux fur, and darker colors in the winter.  For a girl who can’t make up her mind, this is definitely the way to go… no?
Last week, my mama and I set out on a mission to find “the perfect” down comforter.  She probably was at her wits end with me continually asking… Is this one fluffy enough?? but alas, we found one, and so I’m on the road to getting the bedroom moving along.
After getting the comforter, I spent a lot of time trolling Pinterest to find white beds that inspired me, and these pictures together should give a good idea for the look I’m going for (and keep me focused in the process)…

I especially loved this one, with the thick black border and the eclectic mix of black and white.  We DEFINITELY need to get some color going in our room with all the creme and white going on, so black isn’t going to work for us, but the pattern is what got to me. The euro sham here is almost an animal print, but isn’t, and I love that.  If only I could find that in navy…

The color combo here struck a chord with me.  All that navy, and the mix of patterns and textures.  I also love the pops of poppy and orange.  Even just a vase of flowers does the trick.  As a side note, if anyone knows where I can find that fabric covering the lumbar pillow, please contact me.  I spent a solid hour searching without luck.  I love that its part ikat, part polka dot.  To me, it’s playful and it just makes me happy.

Another great fabric here – is it chevron or zebra?  Who really cares – it’s fabulous!  I also love the white lamps against the navy wall, but obviously I’m not going to be painting the walls navy in an apartment we may not be in too much longer…

Rustic meats sophistication.  I LOVE this… but again, we’ll need more color in the pillows.

Finally, a subtle stripe, with a trellis pattern, and some fun scroll designs – not to mention the coral printed stools.  This is definitely more coral than we are going for, but I love it all the same.

Notice a trend though in these beds?  I am really leaning towards blue and white – crisp and clean.  I’m going between navy and cobalt blue – perhaps a blend of the two??  Either way the navy will being more character than plain black, while still allowing us to mix in other colors over time.

A few of my favorite patterns:
Diamond ikat - indigo and white
Diamond Ikat by Lucy Patterson

Casablanca Wht/Fla
Casablanca Blue Ikat by Lewis and Sheron

Duralee Blue Ikat Decorative Pillow Cover, Accent Pillow, Throw Pillow, Pillow Cover
Duralee Kalah Blue
I love this one, but perhaps the background is too off-white to be paired with crisp white bedding??

Anyways… just some food for thought.  I am giving my wallet a rest after the holidays, New Years, and rent, so I have plenty of time to stew on these ideas…

7 thoughts on “White Bedding Inspiration

  1. Great article – big fan of black and white bedding styles, modern yet classic at the same time. What do you think about toile styles in black and white – too traditional, or considered shabby chic? Justin


  2. I love a good Toile! Actually, that was my first “adult” bedding – a black and white toile from Ballard Designs that my mom splurged on for me when I was in high-school! I loved that bedding! Thanks for stopping by!


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