Abstract Art

We are looking to do a little revamp on the wall behind the black couch in our living room (and when I say “we” I’m pretty sure I just mean “me”… Kris will be on board as soon as I tell him – promise).

Anyway, this is the wall as it stands now – three crooked black frames with Ikea art.  Woof.  After four years of these it’s time for an update.

On the opposite wall, we have a really great piece of abstract art, that we both love, so while I had been toying with the idea of a gallery wall for a while, I’m now thinking of a large piece of art (or two).  Art is a VERY personal choice – what one person loves, another might hate, but as long as we love it, that’s what matters.  Looking for inspiration, I turned to Houzz, and it seems to me that the abstract art that I love, falls into one of two categories – “black and white”, or “paint splatter”.

Here is a quick peek at the ones that spoke to me most:

Black and White:

Paint Splatter:

There was one outlier, that I’d categorize as color block, but I think this lime green would eventually limit the color choices we could go with throughout the room – in pillows, and throws.  It’s also quite a bit more modern that I’d typically go, but it’s just cool, right??

The black and white ones are simple and graphic which I really like.  I had a crazy idea of trying to create my own art, and paint two large 30×40 canvases on my own.  How crazy do you think that is on a scale of “totally doable” to “what are you thinking??”  It sounds like so much fun to play artist for an afternoon… my biggest fear is wasting money on the canvases after royally messing it all up.

I mocked up what this wall would look like after I painted my own versions… obviously, using a few of these pieces of art from Houzz as inspiration…

Large geometric pieces in gold frames…

Stretched canvas free form design… (probably much easier to “get right”)

Do you think DIY abstract art is going to turn into a huge mess?  Should I stick with my original idea to do a gallery wall???

I do love the cool look of these vintage alcohol prints.  We had a few similar prints in my old apartment – both of which my roommate still has.

These have fun, bright colors in them, and bring a little more interest to this wall, but I don’t want them to contrast too greatly with the more mellow art on the opposite wall.

On the opposite wall are the sea fan shadow-boxes, and this pretty abstract piece:
So… what’s the verdict?  Any favorites?  Hate them all? 
So much to think about!!

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