Green Bean "French Fries"

As you know, with our tiny kitchen (and my limited culinary skills), I am all for easy recipes.  With the new year, and the inevitable resolution to try to eat healthier, I wanted to feature an AMAZING recipe from a new blog I discovered!

Dashing Dish is all about healthy alternatives for foods we all love (french fries anyone??) and aside from having great step-by-step instructions, Katie also features nutritional facts for each dish.  Seriously, how amazing is that??  Her site is an amazing tool for eating healthy, she has an amazing story behind this site, and she is the most adorable little thing to boot!

Tonight I am going to try out her Crispy Baked Parmesean Green Bean Fries.

Photo via Dashing Dish

It sounds like the secret to getting these just right is to use the REALLY thin green beans so they end up crispy and french-fry-like.  Keep in mind that they have a lot of water in them, so the bigger the green bean, the more water there will be, and they less crispy (and dare I say it, soggy) they will be.

Also, turning the broiler up for the last few minutes should help – I’m always a fan of cooking at higher temps for shorter periods of time.  You end up with crispier results, and better crusts on things like steak, fish, brussels sprouts… you get the idea.

Check out her fabulous blog, and for details on this recipe, click HERE!!

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