Surprise Source for Bedding

When I think of Lands End, I think of monogrammed totes and my dad’s fleece lined jackets.  I do NOT think of bedding… until now.

When we originally were planning on getting a new bed, I wanted to get hotel style bedding, but with Restoration Hardware’s costs through the roof, we scrapped that idea, and went with a solid white duvet.  
Fast forward several months until today… I was checking email, and randomly got a message from Lands End.  Quickly browsing through the site, I discovered that they not only carry bedding, but that 
    a) it looks nice
    b) it’s affordable
    c) it looks incredibly similar to the hotel bedding that cost thousands (yes, THOUSANDS).

And you can Monogram them!  
For $179, you get the King Size duvet, and two king shams… it’s a STEAL if you ask me!  I also liked some other other options – the light blue duvet below was really pretty, and the navy and white trellis pattern is very “zGallerie”…
Lands End – who knew!

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