Bedroom Updates

Over the Holiday Break, I plan on finally making some serious progress on our bedroom!  Yep – it only took me a full year of inspiration boards, varying color combinations, and swearing up and down that this room was next on my list.

Yesterday, our BEAUTIFUL new rug arrived after being back-ordered for a month.  Remember this post where I agonized over the creme colored rug vs. the navy??  Well, my practical side won this fight, and I ended up opting for the creme colored trellis, and as undecided as I was in the moment, I could not be happier!  It is super luxe in person, and I can’t wait to roll it out in the bedroom.  RugsUSA – I heart you.  I really do.

If you like this rug, you can find it here

An update on our bed… Kris and I have decided that a new mattress will be our Christmas gift to each other.  I had no clue that a good mattress ran around $4K, so while it’s no puppy with a big red bow around it’s neck, it’s dang good present in my humble opinion. I’m so excited for a good night’s sleep, and no back pain when I wake up (god, I sound like I’m 90 years old saying things like that!)

The other part of this present for ourselves??  New bedding!

I ordered a few options during Macys’ Friends and Family Sale last week – did anyone else hit them up for 60% off??  Holla!

Everything has shipped, so the bedding should be arriving towards the end of this week!  Yippy!

First option is the soothing creme colored bedding.  This would mean that our entire room would be light colors with creme colored carpet, creme drapes, and creme bedding.  Hey, we don’t have kids… we can do things like this!!

I’m not a huge fan of those faux french looking throw pillows, but I love the quilt-like comforter and European shams.  Definitely looking forward to seeing this one in person…
Option number two is actually one I’ve had my eye on for a while – its an abstract paisley with a pale blue background.  I love the quilted coverlet in this photo as well, so I was sure to order that too.  This option definitely lends more visual interest with the pattern, but I’m not sure how these colors will translate in person.  Is that tan going to look olive in person?  Gold?  How will the fabric feel?

Regardless, since we are upgrading our mattress from a queen to a king, we’ll need new bedding one way or another, so at least we have some initial options!

Here’s how I see the room coming together with each…

What do you think? Yay, or nay?  Should I keep looking?

I think I need to see the fabrics in person, and get everything in the room to really decide which one is the keeper!

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