New Bedding

I had a very successful trip to HomeGoods yesterday.  VERY successful.  
I went in looking for a chair – something overstuffed and comfy – to replace the wicker chair in the living room.  While I didn’t come out with a chair, I came out with some new bedding, a few rugs, pillows, glass vases… oh the list goes on and on…
Since I’d been looking for bedding without much luck for the past several months, I’d even entertained the idea of making my own bedding.
With the navy and white bold stripe chevron curtains, I wanted something to coordinate, without necessarily “matching” and I’ve been obsessed with deep blues and indigos.  I can fully admit to my trellis pattern obsession, and with a trellis rug in the room, I knew any interlocking, repeating trellis print was out.  

I also wanted to stay away from stripes to avoid anything too matchy-matchy with the curtains.
I found it was incredibly hard to find bedding with blue and white – a true white.  There was lots of creme and blue, or tan and blue, so when I found a Queen size set of the blue and white Ralph Lauren paisley sheets in the bin at Homegoods yesterday, I was bound and determined to find them in a King size set.
Patiently I went through bin-by-bin, rummaging through every. single. set. of. sheets.  No luck.  If you’ve been to a Homegoods, you know how disorganized it all is.  I went through each bin and shelf a second time, just to be sure that I hadn’t missed it.  No luck again.  I accepted defeat, and moved on to the bath accessories section.
What did I find hiding behind a stack of sea-horse printed hand towels??  Well, it was the king size set of blue and white paisley Ralph Lauren Sheets that I’d spent the last 30 minutes hunting down!
They are great quality – 500 thread count, and the set included the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two shams… for $50.  
$50 DOLLARS?!  I literally couldn’t believe it.  The set was cheaper than a single flat sheet I’d gotten a few months ago!
In the massive bin of throw pillows, I found a deep blue ikat roll pillow that coordinates with the sheets.  I wish it was down fill, but I can look for an insert later.  I’m still holding out for Euro Sham covers that I love, but so far, the addition of the sheets and roll pillow dramatically improve the bedding situation.
What do you think??

Also, you might also notice our lovely makeshift headboard…

Pretty huh?  Yeah… pretty awful.
It’s only temporary, I assure you.  We pieced it together to determine how high and wide we want the headboard to be.  You also can’t see from this far away, but we’re also trying to determine how large and at what angle we want the side cut-outs to be.
We’re planning on the belgrave headboard shape, like this DIY from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs:
Can’t wait for more bedroom updates!

6 thoughts on “New Bedding

  1. Yeah! I'm actually thinking of making a few pillow covers for the bolster, so we can keep things fresh. I swear I have ADD when it comes to committing to one thing!


  2. My vote still goes to the hotel bedding! You could just do the euro shams with a navy border, and that would be enough detail (in my opinion). Regardless, I love the progress you've made. The bedroom is really coming along!

    – Kelsey


  3. I love the blue sheets. But how did u get them to look fluffy? I am debating on getting a duvet cover like this, or wondering if I should just order sheets? Thanks.


  4. I wish I could tell you that it was the sheets responsible for the “fluffiness” but it's the amazing down comforter we have. We pull it up to the top (with the sheet) and then fold both sheet and down comforter back down, and roll it under to get that fluffy roll look. It only adds another 5 seconds to making the bed, and Kris has long since stopped complaining. It just looks so nice!

    If you're curious about the comforter, it's level 5, so it's the warmest, and my mom can attest to how ridiculously picky I was trying to find the MOST FLUFFY one at Macys. I think it's Macys brand, but I can't remember now!

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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