Bamboo Touches

I love the look of bamboo in home decor.  To me there is something about it that feels very “collected”.  
My Grandmother had a set of nesting tables she brought back from China, and I’ve always loved them.  They are in my parents house now, and while bamboo may not be for everyone, used sparingly, it brings a unique twist to an otherwise very classic space.

This mirror for example – if I could find something like this to go over our wine hutch, I’d be over the moon. At first glance, I thought it was gold, but it’s hard to tell.  Perhaps natural bamboo?  Eh, who cares… it’s awesome!

How awesome is this dresser??  The punch of coral is really unique, and I love that the hardware stays true to the far east feeling.  And don’t get me started on the Chippendale with ikat upholstery….

Of COURSE I had to dedicate one of these photos to a classic Chinese Chippendale.  Love the black lacquer finish, love the Greek Key trim on the curtains, love the bamboo desk… love ALL of it!

This side table is teeny, so it tucks into this little nook just so.  I’d call this the perfect area to curl up with a cup of coffee and juicy book.

Lantern pendants are quite popular – especially in kitchen design – but the bamboo makes this lantern really unique.  I could even imagine this painted a bright aqua or yellow.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

This table is AWESOME.  This is actually the same home as the first photo I posted here with the bamboo mirror – clearly chica has rad taste.  This was a quickie spray paint makeover from a thrift store… I’m thinking I need to branch away from the Goodwill in my neighborhood, since their specialty seems to be more used Tupperware and old Disney T-shirts.

This pair of bamboo tables together used as a console is genius.  Love the simplicity of the styling, and the raw, organic feel of everything from the lamp, to the pottery, the picture frames that that seriously awesome plant, root, thingy.

Somehow this lamp is still able to shine in this space (literally, and figuratively) even though it could easily be eclipsed by everything else awesome in this space… that authentic Dorothy Draper chest of drawers??? OMG SWOON!

4 thoughts on “Bamboo Touches

  1. I feel so lucky to be included with this bunch of gorgeous photos! Of course I agree with you about bamboo. 🙂 Also, my mirror is a type of gold resin. I haven't quite figured it out myself, as I found it at an estate sale, but it's super heavy so I guess that's good! Thanks so much for posting!


  2. Let me know if you have any luck finding Chinese Chippendale's! I've been on the hunt for the last year – Craigslist, eBay, thrift stores… no luck so far 😦


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