Lunchtime Surprise

Cost Plus World Market just happens to be steps from my office, so on my lunch break today, I wandered over to check things out.  What did I find??

Helllloooooooo beautiful…

Yes, my friends… that is a tripod base floor lamp with an absolutely HUMONGOUS shade.  This picture does nothing to portray it’s scale since it was up on a shelf, but it is BIG.  I’m going to guess about two feet in diameter (I was very annoyed that I left my tape measure in my other purse!!)

Anyways, back to the lamp… It’s so fabulous, there are no words.  In the store, they featured the lamp with a natural fiber woven shade, but since the base is sold separately from the shade, you can customize it!

There were burlap shades, linen shades, and shades in bright pops of color.  I was really drawn to the bright yellow shade, but I think a bold color like that is something I should think about – especially since it doesn’t exist in the room elsewhere. I love it in the store, but will I love it for the long haul?

Another thing that makes me pause??  The base is $115 – not cheap, so I’m going to sit on it for a few days.

Here is a more clear picture from their website (actual link here).
World Market happens to be having a huge sale, as they try to clean out furniture for the new spring arrivals, so most furniture is 50% off.  As I was leaving (without the fabulous tripod lamp), I saw these beauties marked down near the door…
Another clearer photo from their site (link here)
The Ella side chair is a classic Louis style, and right now, they are a full 50% off.
For the past year, we’ve used one of the dining room chairs as our desk chair.  It’s not at the top of my list of replacements for the living room (in fact, it didn’t even make it on the list I posted the other day) but I have always wanted to get all four chairs back around the table, and buy a formal desk chair.  This navy velvet is so luxe in person.  And it would look FABULOUS with the blues and greys of the living room…
I’m so tempted to go back and snag one!
I mocked up to envision how it would all pull together with everything else in our living room… What do you think??
I think I’m leaning towards “yes”.

The grey trellis rug, paired with the navy velvet and the grey blue behind the sea fans… and then I’m loving the idea of a striped cushion on twin x benches, and the creamy silk curtains keep everything else light and bright…

I’m really liking it all together!!
Happy Friday!!

2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Surprise

  1. I love that lamp! I saw another there with a metal tripod base that you might also like. Be sure to take photos once you get it 🙂



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