On a Personal Note…

Where the magic happens #Motivation [PIC]

I just wanted to post a quick note on here, to apologize for being a bit MIA this week.  This week marked the end of a huge chapter of my life – I’ve been working at the same Ad Agency for the past five years, and next week, I begin a new chapter of my life at a new company, doing a completely new job.

For the last year, I’ve been thinking of a new challenge, and after much back and forth, finally settled on which of many paths to take.  
Deciding to make a change is bittersweet, and a little scary… but it’s also exciting, and I know I am going to absolutely love going to work again.
I decided to dedicate a short post to this, because aside from documenting the changes in our home, the trends that I am loving, and the dreams for our future, this blog also documents the different stages of our life together… I make an effort to post every day, sometimes twice a day, but as I adjust to everything over the next several months, it may become harder to keep up with Cup Half Full as much as I have been.  Of course I will still be on here – this blog has saved my sanity more times than I can count – but the posts may be a bit more sporadic… just a heads up.
Wish me luck!!

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