Gallery Wall of White Ornate Frames

It’s done!!  Remember a week or so ago I  had posted about creating a gallery wall made up entirely of frames??  Well… for the first time, I jumped right on this project, and it’s finished!!

Remember this inspiration photo?

Well here is our hallway as of this morning!!

And just to refresh your memory… here are a few photos of what it looked like before:

And again after…

Even with all these frames and the ornate details, it doesn’t look busy, or overwhelming for the space.  Quite the opposite – all the white makes it really clean and simple.  I am thinking of selling this console table because I’m still not convinced it’s right for this space.  Moving it out would open things up even more, don’t you think?

Anyway – back to the project.  This could not have been more simple!!  I went to Aaron Brothers and hit up the one-cent sale (buy one, get one for a penny).  Of course, it was impossible to find white ornate frames, so I just picked up whatever ornate frames they had (many ended up being gold), and swung by the hardware store to grab a few cans of Rustoleum high gloss white spray paint.  I sprayed all the frames with a few coats, and it could not have been more simple!!

Once the paint was dry, I brought the frames inside, and then started laying out which frame would go where on the dining room table.  Even having them layed out on the table, it was still hard for me to envision how it wold look on the wall.  I am definitely a visual person, so I traced each frame onto a piece of paper, and started taping it all up on the wall.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos of this process, but you can imagine how easy it was.  I found it was better to just play with the arrangement right on the wall until I was happy with the placement of each frame.  In that process I discovered that I still needed a few extra frames, and so I grabbed a few smaller frames we had around here – they aren’t anything special, but a few simple frames in the mix actually makes the ornate ones pop even more!  Once I was happy with the arrangement with the pieces of paper, I started hanging everything up, and ta-da!

Ultimately, I’d like to have mirrors cut to fit to each frame, but for now they are all just empty – it doesn’t bother me, but that’s the eventual plan…

And this guy is my favorite – it’s a hand carved wooden frame that has so much character!

What do you think??  I absolutely love it – it turned out just how I had hoped!!

4 thoughts on “Gallery Wall of White Ornate Frames

  1. I ended up spending around $90 at Michaels for all the frames, which for 10 frames is a steal – the larger middle mirror (from Ikea) I already had on hand. Spray paint was $14 for two cans, so for the whole wall, I spent about $110 or so.

    Let me know if you attempt a similar project – would love to see pictures!!


  2. Aaron Brothers!!! Whoopsy – guess I was a total space cadet when responding earlier! Blonde moment 😉

    Yes, hit up the cent sale at Aaron Brothers – it was crazy!


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