Valentine’s Day Table Decor – DIY Project

What do you do for Valentine’s Day each year?  Kris and I have developed a little ritual… every year, instead of going out, we opt to do a simple Valentine’s Day dinner at home.  We started doing this a few years ago, because very restaurant was packed, overpriced, and they hype around trying to make it over-the-top special and romantic was way too stressful.  I love doing dinner at home – making dinner together is fun, stress free, and we find ways to make it special.
This year, I’m not sure what we’ll be making (rack of lamp perhaps??) but I do know that I want to do a Valentine’s Day tablescape.  I was brainstorming a few idea’s, and remembered this image that I’d pinned nearly a year ago!  It’s super simple, and in my opinion, very sweet.  Wouldn’t a dinner table look so pretty with lots of flickering candles inside these paper wrapped mason jars??
Take an old book you’ll never read again, tear out a few pages, and cut to the circumference of your mason jar.  Fold the paper in half and cut out a heart.  If you are super Type A (like me), iron the crease out of the paper, so you can’t see the fold. Spread some modge podge on one side.  Place the paper (carefully) inside the mason jar, and seal the ends together.  Finish this off with a piece of twine tied around the top, or ribbon would be really pretty as well!
What do you think??  I think we have a winner!

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Table Decor – DIY Project

  1. I love this idea! Would be especially adorable if you used pages of love letters, or poetry!

    I might have to do this myself…

    – Kelsey


  2. That is an AWESOME idea!! I think I have an old copy of Romeo and Juliet (from high school) laying around somewhere 🙂 Do you think it's bad to rip up Shakespeare??


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