Updated Bedroom Photos

So after looking at the photos I’d posted of our bedroom last week, I was cringing… not that our bedroom looks awesome by any means, but it doesn’t look THAT bad…
Granted the pics from last week’s post are great “before” shots, so any “after” will be much improved, but still… I wanted to document how the room actually looks before making headway!

White, white and more white… not too exciting, but clean looking at least!

Yep… the bed is officially off-centered from the mirrors that we’d originally hung above our queen size mattress.  And yep… I didn’t even realize it until I started taking these pictures… awesome.

Side note here: that faux fur throw is THE WARMEST little thing – I LOVE it!  We sleep with all the windows open, because I like it to be really really cold in the room, and cozy in bed.  Am I crazy or is does anyone else do that too??

 And the curtains… I clearly need to figure out how to take better photos when there is direct light from a window, but at least you can see more clearly how they look – pretty sweet, right?

And another photo facing my closet (and the bathroom door – it’s just on the other side of my dresser)

Finally, the TV on it’s miniature stand, and the gold shelf that is about to go on Craigslist… like TONIGHT.  I cannot wait to get rid of that thing.

Once that open shelf is gone, there will be ample room for a longer, taller TV stand / storage unit.  I had been thinking a crisp white would look nice with some gold hardware, but now I’m reconsidering… maybe a pale aqua, bright yellow, or even something more fun like orange.  Am I getting carried away???

and… THIS is why we need a bedskirt!

See Kris’ huge board bag that he packs his surf boards in when we travel??  See the extra toilet paper?  Yeah… NO ONE needs to know what all is under the bed.

I think that buying a bedskirt just shot to the top of my list of bedroom priorities…

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