Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I’ve mentioned wanting to get rid of quite a bit of the black furniture in our living room, and painting the wine hutch a few weeks ago was the first step in that direction.  While I love the look of the hutch, the black framed mirror above it has been looking very “heavy” to me lately.
Here’s an incredibly blurry picture I found on my phone so you could see how dark everything was on that wall…  what I’d really like to do is get rid of that TV stand, but that’s another story for another day…
While the TV stand stays (for now), I think changing up the mirror will greatly improve things…  also, looking at this photo makes me really aware of how linear everything on this wall is.  There is not a single curved line going on, which has to change immediately!
I think a circular mirror could look pretty cool here…
Or an elongated mirror with scalloped edges would be awesome too… 
Or something old and ornate…
I think I’ll move our rectangular mirror that is currently there, elsewhere, and start hunting for a pretty replacement for this wall…
What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  1. I am too! I'm having a really hard time finding any that are reasonable. I found one at a local antique store, but it was over $2,000…. NOT in the budget (or so Kris tells me)


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