To Fret or not to Fret

I’m not talking about worrying – I’m talking about fretwork, which I am completely in love with. Obviously.  Perhaps its my love of the trellis pattern that admittedly I overuse (on rugs, pillows, window treatments, and anywhere else I can put it).  I love how fretwork takes the intricate trellis pattern and turns it 3D, creating yet another awesome way to incorporate trellis into design.

I may be a bit biased, but I think it works in so many different spaces…

In an outdoor patio…

White on white… in a super modern bath

Behind a contemporary vanity… don’t get me started on ALL. THAT. STORAGE.  Dah!

Running down a whimsical stairwell – wouldn’t that be the most magical staircase to a child’s playroom – in the dream house of my dreams’ dreams…

Behind matching twin beds…

Could these Chinese Chippendales be any more gorgeous??  Ugh!  I want!

Fretwork makes the entrance to this dining room so dramatic, and frames the room beautifully…

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