Our New Aztec Rug

Taaaa-daaaaaa!  Meet our new little Aztec print rug that came home with me from HomeGoods over the weekend… it’s now sprucing up our teeny tiny kitchen!
Like my leopard print pajama pants?  I’m just keeping things super stylish my friends….. 

Our kitchen is a room that I’ve never photographed or posted before – and for a good reason!  It’s small, it’s old, and as a renter, there is not a lot that we can do about the hideous tile, dated appliances, and miniscule size.  I hate this room.  Like REALLY hate.

Other spaces of our apartment, I’ve been able to doll up with paint, or large rugs, or furniture, and art, but attacking the cabinetry and walls in here with paint seems like a HUGE undertaking… especially since I’d have to remove cabinet doors, hardware, and paint around big appliances like the refrigerator and stove.  I’d really rather not go there, since there’s no telling how much longer we’ll be in this apartment.

Don’t get me wrong… we have a great place (which I DO love), and it’s in the best neighborhood of San Francisco, but this kitchen is pretty much the bane of my existence.

Fortunately, this little gem of a rug is bright and happy, and a good size!  It measures roughly 5’x3′ so it covers up quite a bit of our very old, very dinged up linoleum floor (is there anything worse than linoleum??)
Maybe it’s in my head, but I think the bright colors help distract from the ugliness of the rest of the kitchen, and the dark colors will also help camouflage spills (we had a white rug in here previously, and let’s just say that it ended disastrously).

Ok, prepare yourself for these next photos… there’s nothing cute about them…

Here is the view into the kitchen from our hallway… everything is painted in that dirty off-white paint that the rest of our apartment suffers from.  Looking at this photo, I’ve decided that the wall above our lovely $15 trash can needs some flair…

Will be on the hunt for some art ASAP.  And perhaps a nicer trash can…

And here’s the view from the entry hall, looking in towards the sink, and the glorious tile.  While there is something to be said for the kitchen still having it’s original tile from the 1930’s, I’d love to know what posessed the person who picked out the color combo…

The tile on the back-splash is like skin colored!  And the trim is maroon.

Seriously, WTF?

Ok, my rant is over… Let’s pretend the tile doesn’t exist, and focus on the good here… my new little rug.

Oh I love it!

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