Porch Topiaries

It’s probably because we are renters…. AND live in an apartment building……. AND do not have a “front door” to call our own, but I find myself dreaming about how I plan to style the hypothetical front door of our future home. 
I pray it isn’t a dinky little door on a narrow step, because I really have my heart set on twin topiaries flanking the front door.
Just. Like. This.
Le sigh.  
There is something about the symmetry that I absolutely adore.  And the glossy black door??  So chic.  Unfortunately I have a total brown thumb, otherwise I’d love to plant out around the topiary with pretty flowers and low growing greenery.
It’s even better on a porch with more space – double topiaries!  The white and blue planters are so classic, but I love the moroccan feel of the lantern.  A subtle mix of eclectic on an otherwise completely traditional porch.
And another very french take on the glossy black front door, with flanking topiaries.  And so like the french, it is simple, and PERFECTLY manicured.  
I wonder if they have to trim those shrubs daily?
… and then at Christmas, you could swap out the globe topiaries, for mini Christmas trees (and a lush garland to boot).  
Overall, I prefer a black front door, but there is something very clean and “winter white” about this scene.  I wonder if the door is white all year around, or if they painted it just for Christmas?!  Wouldn’t that be extravagant??
And don’t get me started on that live moss wreath – perfect all year around if you ask me.  I saw one at a local florist a few weeks ago, but for $250, I decided to pass (as though $250 for a wreath was even an option!)

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