Summer Colors

I’m soooo obsessed with this color palatte…

Also, that Hermes scarf is to. die. for.  Just had to get that out there.

With this warm weather, my trip to Miami next week, and my girls trip to Cabo at the end of the month, my eye is drawn to everything that says “summer” and I’m pretty sure that hot pink and orange say just that.

If you want to bring just a bit of these bold colors into your home, use these rooms as inspiration:

Sources Clockwise from top left: #1#2#3#4
Incorporate the colors of summer through a bright floral arrangement, a vibrant book strategically placed on an entry table, or a happy hued throw blanket, pillow, or a garden stool.  Totally temporary, but these small updates instantly say “it’s not winter anymore” to guests.
If you are feeling a little more gung-ho over seasonal decor, go all out and incorporate these happy summer colors into your home in bolder ways…
Sources Clockwise from top left: #1#2#3#4

Bright happy bedding will ensure you wake up ready to seize the day, and hot pink dining room chairs wake up the senses at meal time.  If you are feeling gutsy, paint the back of a bookshelf tangerine, or if you are REALLY feeling bold, paint the whole room!
By the way, how cute are those bucket seats around the kitchen table??  On the heels of my Ikea Chair Hack post from the other day, a can of hot pink spray paint could easily transform any of those Ikea options for minimal cost…  just sayin!
For the fashion minded, I say it’s time to start bringing the brights into your wardrobe!
                                                  Source I                                                                                     Source II

Who could forget that amazing Halston dress from the Sex and the City II movie??  Oh if only it were mine!  A full skirt and structured top stay grounded for cooler spring days with black accessories, but couldn’t you imagine this with nude heels and a cute raffia clutch for a summer wedding??

And if head to toe isn’t your thing, these colors would wake up any neutral outfit through accessories!  My cousin would always say, “Accessories MAKE the outfit”… and she is SO RIGHT!

So what do you think??  How will you be incorporating tangerine and shocking bright pink into your life this summer?

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