Lake House Daydreams

I’m a city girl through and through, but there is something so charming about a lovely lakehouse.  I would get restless living there all year round, but in the stuff of my wildest dreams, we’d have a fabulous weekend retreat – a lakehouse tucked into the trees, right on the water.  Quiet.  Removed.  Perfect for swimming, bbq’s, and naps on the porch.

Can’t you just imagine sitting in one of those Adirondacks with a glass of wine, watching a quiet sunset on the water??  Ahhhh….

And how great is this one??  So rustic and classic.  The biggest decision you’d have to make is if you want to take the canoe or the speedboat out for a spin…

And this second floor deck – amazing.  I’d love to start everyday with a cup of coffee out there, looking out over the water.

And this one has a cozy little look to it.  I love that it blends in with the trees – and can’t you imagine it in the winter, covered in snow next to the frozen lake?

This next lakehouse is absolutely stunning – with a modern flair, I picture a kitchen with poured concrete countertops, and sleek chrome hardware.  Have you seen the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo??  This house reminds me of one of the fabulous modern lakehouses in that movie….

And finally, this deck??  I’ll take two!  I hardly even need to explain why it’s so awesome.  In my dream world, this is where we’ll celebrate every 4th of July, with a big party, fireworks, and the smell of coppertone.

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